Lucia (BOME) Vol. 25

This figure is Mitsumi Misato Lucia by BOME from ‘Positive Penguin Life’. Lucia is an original character created by illustrator and game designer Mitsumi Misato. I saw a poor picture of this figure before and thought she was based on some tacky character from the 80’s, pretty much it was the hairstyle and the fact that she is wearing what appears to be a red patent leather outfit 😛 . One day I was randomly looking over the 26 BOME PVC figures and when I looked at her prototype pictures she caught my eye in a more positive way.

I hadn’t even noticed she was holding a sword until I looked over the prototype pictures. I really love the pose with her holding the sword behind her back and her right arm stretched out in front of the sword. The background that is attached to the base helps add to the flow of the figure, you really feel like she is a beautiful tomboy practicing her swordplay in the mountains. I don’t know for sure that she is just practicing and not in a real battle, but that is the feel I get from this character in this figure. I also thought the little band-aids were a cute touch that didn’t take away from the aesthetic beauty at all.

If I had to pick a single favorite feature of this figure it would be her cape, I love the two toned pattern of the light pink on the inside and the tan on the outside. But her hair comes in a close 2nd as my favorite feature, I really like the flow of her hair and you don’t see that hairstyle too often anymore. The one feature I think this figure could do without is her bandage coming undone on her right leg. I know it’s supposed to add to the tomboy appeal but it just really doesn’t look like an unraveling bandage. It just looks like a white piece of plastic sticking out randomly.

I can see why a lot of people wouldn’t like this figure but I absolutely adore mine. Well worth $25. After looking at these images I imagine you’d know by now if this figure was your cup of tea or not.

One Response to Lucia (BOME) Vol. 25

  1. meronpan says:

    not my cup of tea ^^; but damn, 25$ is a steal!

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