Lucky Star Mini-Trading Figures Vol.1

August 16, 2008

I missed Volume 1 of the FREEing Lucky Star mini trading figures the first time around so I snagged them on the re-release. These cuties cost me a total of $35 for the set, I don’t think thats too shabby considering I didn’t have to buy a randomized box and pray that I get 1 of each character (including the secret figure). From what I gathered it’s VERY annoying/hard to get a whole set from 1 randomized box of FREEing figures. I only mention this because a lot of trading figure companies out there pretty much give you the whole set in a single randomized box. For example When I got a randomized box of Megahouse Naruto Premium Heroines I was sweating bullets hoping to get a few particular figures. It came with every single figure plus the secret with no doubles. I was ecstatic I thought I was the LUCKIEST girl in the world…until I mentioned this on my forums and was told that they pretty much give everyone the whole set in a randomized box. So if you’re hoping that this will be the case with the FREEing Lucky Star figures don’t get your hopes up too high.

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