June 10, 2009

OP run

I’ve FINALLY moved my blog to www.lovelyduckie.com! Please go there for any new posts! I’ve moved all my anime/manga/video game reviews over to the new blog, but I’m leaving all the old figure reviews and other posts on this blog! I’m hoping my figure reviews on the new blog will have better lighting due to my new equipment.

Rising Manga Prices

June 9, 2009

Viz mag

Ok, I said I was going to do my next post on my new Blog, but I lied! The new blog is just about done, I just need to transfer all my posts tonight after work. I’m just so disappointed with rising manga prices lately that I had to make a post! With so many companies selling their manga at over $10 these days I was happy that Viz was still around to hold down the affordability fort at $7.95 for Shonen Jump titles and $8.99 for Shojo Beat titles. Now I look at the pre-orders for the newest manga from Viz and they’re all at the new price of $9.99.

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Posting on HOLD!

June 1, 2009

PW Duckie

I have some new posts all ready to go (a figure review and a Yahoo Japan/Proxy service use tutorial) but I really want to put them up as some of my debut posts on my blog when it becomes www.lovelyduckie.com . Especially since I think I’m really starting to nail the lighting on my figures, I want all my better figure reviews on the new site. So I’m going to hold off on posting this week until I get the new blog setup. Initially it’ll probably look similar to this one but I hope to make it much sexier looking since I can now freely manipulate more features. Also why Phoenix Wright images? Lately in my free time I’ve been chewing through Phoenix Wright: Justice For All…I have no idea why these games are so damn addicting for me! I just love them 🙂

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Summer Vacation is Here!

May 5, 2009


Finishing up a paper on Crocs tonight (yes Crocs that plastic/foam shoe thing) and then I’m FREEEEEEEEEE! Well free from school, a girl’s gotta work to buy figures/anime/manga. I skip the Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Happy V-Day posts most bloggers do…but you can be damn sure I’ll always celebrate the end of a semester with a post!!! I have a whole list of fun things I want to do this summer! Although if something else fun pops up naturally I go after it and ignore the list!


Does anyone else like making fun TO DO lists? Or am I the only one that likes organized FUN!?

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My Kitties – Ami and Rini

April 24, 2009

ami crazy

So as many of you know I just moved to a house and can now have pets! So I took back the cats my parents bought my sister and I when I was in high school. They’re named Ami (above) and Rini (below). And if a few anime fans are scratching their heads right now at the familiarity of those names, the answer is yes…yes I did name the cats after anime characters. Can anyone guess which series? Anyway these little cuties are the reason I have absolutely no figures on display right now, and probably won’t have any on display until next fall. If you’re wondering what Ami is doing, it was actually just a big yawn I caught at just the right moment.


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Emma of a Victorian Romance…Pierced?!

April 20, 2009


So remember my grail list I posted ages ago? I said Revy (Alter) is the last older figure I wanted. I lied…there was another older figure I forgot to mention (yes besides Clayz Saber) and that figure is the Max Factory Emma. I saw her on eBay and I went for it, did I pay more then retail price for her? Sure did lol…how much more? I’m not telling! But I justified the price by telling myself that almost all decent figures these days seem to cost that much and I’d rather have this darling and classy Emma over a lot of the newer figures. Especially since it seems unlikely I’ll ever see another Emma figure released again.

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Getting Older and Video Games

April 13, 2009


I remember when I first started playing video games in junior high (I was a late video game bloomer) I would beat a game, and then beat it again…and sometimes even beat it again! A lot of these games were 40+ hour RPGs too, and I would try my hardest to do EVERYTHING in the game. I had a lot of time to burn and a lust to play video games. But alas I could only get 1-2 video games twice a year (Christmas and my Birthday). I dreamed of the day when I would have enough money to buy a whole haul of games and play new games all the time! Well that time has come…but not how my junior high self hoped it would.

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