Akira (BOME) Vol.26

This figure of Akira is the FINAL PVC figure made by BOME. The sticker on the packaging has BOME’s symbol with a big tear on it, I can’t read japanese but there is a little “see you…” on there (see the last photo for the sticker). I’m pretty sad BOME will no longer be making PVC figures, he is pretty much my inspiration for collecting figures!! I fell in love with his Teresa and Chidori Full Metal Panic set and since then I kept a curious eye on the figure scene. Also he is the only person to make a PVC figure of Aya (Tenjho Tenge) that I liked. I’ll really miss his affordable and lovely figures. Although truth be told a few of the ladies he made her a bit too sexy for my collection.

Alright so Akira as I character…I know nothing about her and I really tried to figures out who she is. But every time I look up her name I can only seem to get articles and advertisements for this figure. So if you know this character’s origins feel free to post them because I’m very interested in whatever she is from based on her character design (EDIT: according to Otakufuel’s product description she is based on a design by Sakura Wars artist Yano Takumi). This figure is a great addition to any fan of the Bome.
I love girlie corset dresses and pink hair, you could even call pink hair my fetish. Her hair also has a bit of curl or wave to it that makes her hair look even better. I love her casual sitting pose a lot, she really looks nice sitting on the edge of a shelf a little higher up than eye level. Her boobs look a little weird in the top to me but it’s not too bad. Apparantly the Japanese version of this figure is cast-off so there is some nice lingerie under this outfit that those who bought her in the US will not see. But that suits me fine, as a girl I’m not really into cast-offs.

I’m really not fond of this base at all. Maybe they thought the bright blue color would contrast well with her bright pink hair and bright purple dress, but it’s not doing anything for me. It certainly does make the figure more eye catching though. I’ll be displaying her without the base. She doesn’t attach to the base anyway so she is just as balanced off the base as she is on.

Akira is a good figure for the price (she retails for $25-$27), she has a very different look from all my other figures so she adds a bit of variety to my collection. She was definitely a worthile purchase for me.

Do you miss BOME PVC figures?

9 Responses to Akira (BOME) Vol.26

  1. meronpan says:

    she’s really cute! don’t have any bome figures, with no more coming out, probably never will…

    did a little searching and it looks like akira is an original character by 矢野たくみ (yano takumi). amiami’s listing has this figure under “original” figures and lists the illustrator as yano takumi.

    Found her (his?) website that has some art:
    (if you click on gallery, then go to the 2nd group of illustrations you’ll see yano-san’s work. looks like yano-san shares the site with another artist)

    illustration of akira! (4th newest in the gallery for yano-san).

    and while i’m at it… the sticker says something like “So long, Monsieur BOME! This is the first part of the final release!” (errr, something ilke that ^^;)

    blue base also not doin it for me… wonder why decided on that color… -_-

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    That was THE MOST informative comment!! THANKS! You were very helpful. She certainly is cute enough for me to believe she is just a stand alone artistic character creation. That site had a lot of nice art I really liked the Aerith image too.

  3. FAT says:

    I miss them too…

  4. suneo says:

    need Bome to come back so he can make a 1/7 or so scale version of his 1/3 or 1/4 scaled XenosagaIII Momo T_T

  5. Eetaku says:

    Ah, I have this figure too. I was dissapointed at how it looked like casted-off. I much prefer her clothes on.

  6. […] up is my Akira Bome Figure. The following images were snagged from Lovely Duckies Old Blog because I’m unable to again, take pictures for myself I had to find some somewhere to show […]

  7. Hugo-san says:

    can you undress her ? i saw a picture of her naked and im wandering if you can take her clothes off

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