Figure Haul Catch Up…and a New Buddy


My last haul post was March 3, 2009…have I not been buying anything since then? AHAHAHAHAHA my bf wishes I wasn’t! Nope I’ve continued getting my pre-orders in and a few fun impulse figures on top of it (not to mention a few dolls not pictured here). I’ve even (very recently) become experienced at purchasing off Yahoo Japan to get an item. I forgot to take pictures of my newest Manga, I COULD skip the manga but I really want to talk a bit about the content of a few of the series I’ve purchased recently. I’ll just throw them onto the end of my next haul. Also who is my new buddy? It’s not Mokona, although he was a fun extra surprise! You’ll see at the end of my post. So here we are, about 3 months of goodies! I haven’t opened them yet because I’m still unpacking and moving into my house, I’m going to put up some nice shelving for them after I wash the walls (yes the walls REALLY do need to be washed…I’m not just OCD in this case).


HLowerHalf HUpperHalf

As you can see my lighting setup arrived, I couldn’t seem to get a picture where none of the figure windows weren’t angled in a way that was reflective of the lighting. I probably had too many in one photo but I didn’t feel like taking pictures of the figures a few at a time. I still need to experiment with the lighting and umbrella placement, I haven’t decided which figure will be my next review! In this haul there is one TL shipment, 2 HLJ shipments, 1 Ebay item, and 1 Yahoo Japan item. I got the Vocaloid nendos on sale at HLJ (after I said I wouldn’t too). I realized I needed Kaito (yes NEEDED Kaito…don’t question my needs!) and that I may as well get the cute twins while I’m at it. So basically I’m going to go back to my original goal of collecting all the basic Vocaloid nendoroids. I’m actually glad I cancelled Rin and Len…it makes the HLJ sale seem like fate.

Emma Duo

I’m just going to chat about a few items that I consider noteworthy. My Emma Duo above are probably the rarest catches in my haul, the Emma Max Factory Figure figure I bought off eBay, and the Emma Azone off Yahoo Japan. Am I a big Emma fan? Yes…but I prefer the way the story is told in the anime over the manga, although I really admire the beautiful art style in the manga. My boyfriend seems to think I have a maid fetish and I’m almost starting to think he might be right…I’ll be doing a maid post later. Anyway I paid $100 for the Azone on Yahoo Japan, that’s actually $40 less then retail price, so even after the proxy fees I consider it a good deal. I love opening everything I get, but I’m not sure I want to open this Azone, I think she really looks lovely displayed in that box. The MF Emma? I paid twice the original retail price, but I couldn’t find a single other one online at that time and decided to take the dive. I mean hell almost all worthwhile figures these days cost about that anyway just to pre-order, and I want this one more then any of those.

T Shirts

I didn’t own any anime T-Shirts, and one day I just woke up and decided I want one! So I bought a Haruhi one for myself (Men’s M) and a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movie one for the bf (Men’s XL). When buying shirts like these online please be aware that Japanese shirts run smaller then say US shirt sizes, so move up a size. I intend for my shirt to be a roomie work shirt for when I do chores around the house. I think seeing Haruhi’s fun loving self on my shirt will brighten my day by at least a bit 🙂 despite the cleaning and yardwork. I had a hard time picking out a shirt for myself, I actually did want the TTGL shirt…but if I got that I’d have matching shirts with my bf and that’s just too much of a lovey dovey dopey thing for me to do. I also dislike black shirts, I look AWFUL in black, and most anime T-Shirts that are AWESOME (Jigoku Shoujo, Soul Eater, Black Lagoon) are black. But in the end I’m really glad I ended up with this Haruhi shirt, I’m pretty proud of it.


Why am I feauturing the Clayz Kagami and Konata? Because these will be the first of many many Lucky Star figures. I’m such a complete sucker for Lucky Star. I love that show, it gives me a lot of joy and I don’t think it’s one bit overrated. Clayz isn’t the highest quality figure company but they tend to get figures of the more beloved characters out quicker then other companies and I actually do enjoy their simplistic style. After all, I went back and hunted for that Clayz Saber of her in the corset style battle outfit.


Raquel is a pre-painted kit that I ordered from E2046, I haven’t assembled her yet, but from what I saw I’m pleased with the safe packaging. When images of this Raquel (and her darker version) were posted it was instant love with everything about her. But I stayed away from her due to the price tag and the fact that it was pre-painted, I had seen how some kits were being sold pre-painted on Hobbyfan and I wasn’t impressed with the quality. I didn’t think that the quality could match the beauty of the images posted. BUT a member of my forums ordered her and his pictures of his received Raquel were just as beautiful as the sample pictures they were announced with. I’ll have to do a review on her soon.


So…we have a new cat that we’ve taken into the house, this skin and bones little guy was peeking in from the deck one day. He ran as soon as he saw me but the way he ran away meowing and looking back at me made me think he wasn’t a mean stray. So I gave him some Meow Mix in a bowl, and as soon I was a safe distance away I saw him walk over to it and scarf it down. So I tried to lure him closer to me with the good stuff…some Fancy Feast, and as soon as he ate that he was all over me with affection. From that day on he started living on our deck and asking for meals twice a day. I had NO DESIRE to own another cat…but let me just say this cat is awesome, he has a really good and forgiving personality.


Not only do I collect anime figures but now I own 3 cats…thank god I’m not single anymore because I seem to be collecting more and more things that would give a relationship more baggage. What does my bf that loves dogs way more then cats think of this? It was his idea, he thinks this is the best damn cat ever. But with the addition of this cat I have to worry about if we should really try and take on a dog too…His name is Highjinks and we call him Jinks for short.


Does he get along with my cats? Even though he lived outdoors for a while and still has his claws, my cats beat him up a bit. They whack him every once in a while with their paws (they’re declawed) and he just moves back out of their range and doesn’t swipe them back. I kind of wish he would hit them back just once, they like to push him away from his food. Ami has come around and doesn’t really hiss at him much…but Rini still absolutely hates him.

6 Responses to Figure Haul Catch Up…and a New Buddy

  1. Otaku Dan says:

    I have that haruhi shirt and i see you bought that rangiku, I really want her.

  2. gordanham says:

    Omg! That’s a bunch of figures! Are you going to do a review of the Clayz Konata and Kagami? Their faces looked off to me, especially Konata’s. I really want to pre-order Tsukasa and Miyuki but I wouldn’t feel right only having part of the complete set. I’m glad to see that other people get sucked into making an outside cat part of the family too. I laughed when I saw the first picture of Jinks.

  3. phossil says:

    Cool you have now Kagami and Konata Figures, and Emma figure is welcome too. Good loot you adquire!!!
    As for the cat… I think youre gonna end up keepin it with you.. ^^

  4. xjaymanx says:

    @Duckie-chan: So if we sew the Kamina logo onto Mokona’s belly, would it then be called “Mokomina”? LOL… Hmm, Jinks? Unique! Although it should’ve been “Larg” (the Black Mokona), hahaha.

    • xjaymanx says:

      @Duckie-chan: Hehehe, fair enough! I don’t know if u like vanilla ice cream with warm brownies on top, or cheesecake topped with whip cream, but if u ever caught the first 15-minute bite of the first episode of “Firefly”, you’d probably think you’d feel incomplete by *not* watching it, lol. But I know what u mean. I won’t say another word. Not another word of the Anglo-Asian dialogue, the sarcastic retro-futuristic humor, or the cute female mechanic and her taste for… oops, not another word, lol.

      P.S. Haha, yup, ToysLogic! My 92nd and final figure came from there. Ya don’t remember my Blog-185 “Gothloli Rei” back in January 2009? ^_^

  5. Persocom says:

    Nice loot, speaking of washing the walls, I should probably do that here before painting more. Cute cat too, it’s been a long time since we fed a stray and took it under our wing. I’ve been buying anime t-shirts like crazy lately, at least one a month. It’s a refreshing change to the wardrobe which used to be mainly band shirts and random other boring things. Most of them I just share with my wife, but we both have a shirt or two that we claims as our own.

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