Hi-Chew (Strawberry) – Japanese Snacks

August 7, 2008

Hi-Chew (Strawberry)

I loooooove gummies! Gummy candies are my favorite type of candy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! And these are now my favorite gummy candies! I’m trying not to overeat them but I’m already down to 3 packs (there are 10 in that picture) and its been less than 2 weeks since I got them. Each candy is individually wrapped (like Starbursts), as a result they don’t get gunk on them while they’re in my purse.

For me these are the ultimate chewy candy because they’re super chewy but they don’t get stuck in your teeth. They don’t break apart as you eat them either. The strawberry flavor is also really good. I figured strawberry was a safe bet since the strawberry starbursts are my favorite fruit chew.

So ya Hi-Chew Strawberry flavor has my FULL Recommendation!! 🙂 You should splurge and order them online or pick them up at your local asian grocery store. I got mine from Otakufuel for $7.99, I was ordering a bunch of manga and had already earned free shipping so I threw these on too.