My Collection (October 2008)

WELL! I’ve been wanting to take pictures of my whole collection for ages but every time I tried the pictures came out incredibly shaky. When work let me borrow their camera I decided to try once more, the pics are still shaky but a bit better then before. Someday I’ll have an awesome tripod/camera and will be able to take way better pics!! But I may be potentially moving soon so I figured I’d finally take COMPLETE pictures of my current setup.

I’ll list the figures left to right, if there are rows I’ll list the back row first. I won’t list my manga but for a complete list of my manga go here.

(Kureha – Koto, Rei & Asuka – SEGA, Belldandy – Koto)
(Lucky Star Petits Vols. 1 and 2)

( Kyou – Koto, Chise – Koto, Tsukasa & Konata Figma – MF, Rider (mini) – Bandai, Crouching Rider – GSC, Nao – GSC, Alice – Alter, Goku/Bulma – Bandai, Akira – BOME)

(Binchotan – GSC, Sumomo – GSC)
(Rize – GSC, Meifen – GSC, Nida – GSC, Char – GSC, Mishiro, GSC)
(Lucky Star Mini Vols. 1 & 2 – FREEing, Haruhi Bon Festival Petits – GSC)

(Lelouch Figma – MF, Saber Figma – MF)
(Mikuru Maid – MF, Yuki – MF, Haruhi – MF, Ryoko – MF, Tsuruya – MF, Mikuru Waitress – MF, Goku/Dragon – Bandai)
(Mikuru – Pinky, Yuki – Pinky, Haruhi – Pinky, Tsuruya – Pinky)

(Yukata Sitting – Pinky, Yukata Standing Repaint – Pinky)
(Moka – Piccoro, Kenshin – ??, Nia – Konomi, Yoko – Enterbrain, Corticarte – GSC, Misa – Jun Planning)

(Rider Maid – GSC, Saber Maid – GSC, Rin Maid – GSC, Agnes – MF)

(Mitsuru – Koto, Saber – GSC, Sakura – GSC, Carmine – BOME, Geisha Doll)
(Disgaea Trading Figures – Solidworks)
(Final Fantasy Mini Vols. 1 & 2 – SquareE)

(Death-Sensei – Alter, Hikaru – Alter, Kureha – MF)
(Nadia – Wave, Pocco – Revoltech, Dark Saber – Solid Theater/Alter, Kino – GSC, Mina – Toy Planning, Clare – MegaH)

(Dark Saber – Alter, Makoto – MF, Ayu – MF, Nagisa – Koto, Konomi – Koto)
(Miku – GSC, Lucy – GSC, Melissa – GSC, Holo – Cospa, Aya – BOME, Enma Ai – Alter)

(Sakura & Chun-Li – Pinky, Milfuelle – Yujin, Mint – Yujin, (half of) Haruhi Petits Vols. 1 & 2 – GSC, Naruto Premium Heroines Vol. 1 – MegaH, Cocona – Movic, Rebecca & Avril – Pinky)
(Tohru – Pinky, Al Azif – GSC, Aisaka – MF, Arcueid – Pinky, Ohno – Yujin, Sakura – Alter, Saber – Koto)

(Shigure – GE, Kyo – GE, Asuka – Bandai, Tales of the Abyss Cast – Koto)
(Sailor Mars – MegaH, Sailor Moon – MegaH, Sailor Mercury – MegaH, Emi Trading Figure – Gasaphon, Yuna – SquareE)
(Rei Trading Figure- Gasaphon, Usagi Trading Figure – Gasaphon, Ami Trading Figure – Gasaphon)

(Cloud – SquareE, Tifa – SquareE, Aerith – SquareE)

My obsession could not be contained to one room so I put two bookcases in the office too! I didn’t take a picture of the bottom right shelf because it’s just the sides of my art books, yearbooks, and boring paperwork. Someday I’d like to write about my artbooks though!

(Cloud – SquareE, Rei – Koto, Kyon’s Sister – FREEing, Tsuruya – FREEing, Yuki – FREEing, Illya – Koto)

(Ace, Paulie, Lucci, Franky, Zoro, Luffu/Chopper, Robin, Nami, Usopp/Chopper, & Sanji – Bandai)
((other half of) Haruhi Petits Vols. 1 & 2 – GSC)

(Naruto Premium Heroines Vol. 2 – MegaH)
(Light – GSC, L – GSC, Komari – Koto, Shana – Yamato, Xecty – Koto, Blanc – Koto, Seena – Koto, Clalaclan – Koto)

(Chii– Art Storm, Shana – Koto, Chii – Kaiyodo, Sakura – ??, Rider – Alter)

(Sakura – SEGA, Tabitha – Koto, Nadie – Alter, Rinoa – SquareE, Shigure – GE)

Is it hard to get my manga out? Yes incredibly hard, especially on my Shuraki shelf. As a result I strategically place my manga so that the series I re-read the most are in places not too blocked. Although from the above shelf the only series I re-read a lot is Beauty Pop. The rest (Ayashi no Ceres, Red River…) I’ll only re-read every once in a while.

(NoNo – BOME, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Cast – Konomi, Kyon, Haruhi, Yuki, Mikuru, & Koizumi Figma – MF)

(Simca – Yamato, Usagi – Gasaphon, Tsukasa & Kagami – Wave, Ruca – MF, Nao – GSC, Mai & Athena – Pinky, Misato – Koto, #13 Repaint – Pinky, #9 – Pinky)
(Reiri & Riza – Happinet, Shiki – GSC, Blanc – Eye Scream, Mai – Eye Scream, Yotsuba – Revoltech, #14 – Pinky, #12 – Pinky, #18 – Pinky, #10 – Pinky)

(Saya – Griffon, Sakura – Pinky, Lucia – BOME, Rei & Asuka – Pinky, Saber -BOME, Tomoyo – Clannad)
(Sakura & Primera – SEGA, Chidori – BOME, Rin – BOME, Teresa – BOME)

(Kallen – AlphaXOmega, Sakura – ??, rm Pinky #02 Mayura – Pinky, Shana – Pinky, Tomoyo – SEGA, Haruna – Piccoro)

As you can see I’ve left plenty of room for growth 🙂 for all my upcoming hauls. A few of the shelves are still ‘under construction’, basically I feel that they’re missing something so I haven’t finalized how everything will be set up. I just recently became satisfied with my setup on the shelf with Horo/Miku Nendoroid on it and will be spray painting the boxes they’re standing on before the winter season kicks in. I recently moved Skip Beat to this shelf because I read the series over and over and over again too randomly and I kept disturbing my favorite figures.

Megahouse – Sanji, Usopp/Sogeking, Zoro, Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Franky & Robin

Megahouse – Young Sanji, Luffy & Robin

Here are all my video games, I own about 100 in this picture. For a complete list of my video games go here. There are also a few nerf guns and foam swords. The foam swords aren’t for larping, I just know that my friends will entertain everyone by whapping each if I leave them out 🙂

This is my desk area, I’m absolutely obsessed with making art/anime collages. This is my smallest setup yet actually. When I got my own room in college I had a decent sized room where all 4 walls were practically covered top to bottom in pictures. I’ll post pictures of my room from college at some point in time too 🙂 The collage was an affordable way to surround myself with all the faces of the characters I love. I used a TON of putty to keep all these pictures up.

28 Responses to My Collection (October 2008)

  1. Mizunaga says:

    Woah! That collage! Too much for me. ^^;

  2. Panther says:

    Plenty of room for growth? Girl you have too many figures as it is lol.

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Panther – If I really want more room I can empty the manga off one shelf and VOILA! A whole other row of figures for me! Although my boyfriend has forbidden any figures being displayed outside the bedroom/office besides One Piece figures. It seems a shame not to proudly display every figure you get, I’d sell off a figure before I would hide it away in storage.

  4. suneo says:

    wow the poster wall is nuts haha
    very nicely done

  5. Mimi says:

    Sooo impressive! *faints*

  6. Otaku Dan says:

    I’m actually speechless, WOW

  7. Snark says:

    That is an amazing collection! Can’t wait to see pictures of your college walls =P

  8. Q says:

    This is kinda overwhelming me ^^;; I can’t aford to have so much figures or models, especially when space is lacking for me all the time.

    Although I don’t collect much figures, I can see that you have a huge variety of them from different franchise to different makers!

  9. Nagisa says:

    Fellow figure collector here. Just in case you didn’t know, you can get a nice glass case at Ikea for $60 ( Detolfs are quite popular among figure collectors and hold about 40 figures, depending on how much space you want around them.

  10. nemuiwanko says:

    For some reason I like the stuffed lion sitting next to the brown bear. But once again, good job on making it on Danny Choo’s news xD

  11. Panther says:

    Well I do not have space like you do, and certainly not as big a collection, I never do figmas and Nendoroids, only scaled and rare scaled. They are either in my display cabinet or on my computer desk, and my room is an apartment and not many people come by lol. Still of course I agree that they must be displayed, but what I am saying is, you have too many figures. >_<

    No monies here. Sigh.

    Also girl, in future you should use the !-more tag, it helps a lot in reducing your posts’ length and your blog’s length. It will show you a “Read the rest of this entry” thing.

  12. rishidan says:

    Very nice! Though it doesn’t seem that your problem is shelf space so much as WALL space. You simply need more walls to shove shelving against!

    Also your site is very nice too: I’m glad Danny linked it in his news feed. I hope more people come back soon and check out your past entries and pics. ^_^

  13. acesan says:

    WOW. Speechless. Seriously. I like you spray painted boxes (shows practicality), and collage room. Grats on everything.

  14. xyanide1986 says:

    Nice collection, though I do miss a few special looking figurines. You displayed everything nicely even though you ran out of shelves for the figurines. That collage is a bit disturbing though.

  15. Nomad says:

    I love your collection!! I hope mine can be like yours one day!

  16. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Pather – Thanks for the tip, I noticed that tool on other blogs but it never occurred to me that I could do it as well.

  17. grammar0muse says:

    That… is utterly nuts. o.O I mean, really, truly, and utterly nuts. Awesome, though!! I am the proud owner of… uh… one Rei figurine. XD
    Your walls are crazy. I couldn’t thinnk with all those images swirling all over the place! Too much visual stimulation, hehe. Still, that’s incredible stuff. I agree that you should display them–after all, if you take joy in your hobby, why not show it off? 🙂

  18. andra says:

    Must have a hard time cleaning the figures ^^; hmm, did you ever clean them? Your desk area too much distraction lol, but it is nice ^^

  19. seth.frostheart says:

    holy sh!t girl, you got wayyyy too much figures, lol. must be hell to clean and vacuum. i’m jealous, well not of the vacuuming n cleaning bit, of course, lol.

    nice setup, great amount (too much?) of figures and a mind blowing wall collage… you are my heroine! ^^;

  20. Riiana Doon says:

    Only one word describes your room … WOW!!:D OK 2 words… the other… AMAZING!:D
    That wall to ceiling collage, crazy but awesome!:D And did you buy out Barnes & Knoble’s manga selection in your area?:P Someday I will probably be at that point in collecting.:D I am definitely adding you to my blogroll!:D I found you from Danny Choo’s story on his site.:D

  21. Jaydead says:

    lotsa figures! @_@ *droool*

  22. zenical says:

    I salute you. I’m a girl too yet I limit myself cause it gets really dust after 2 days only -_-

  23. bryant says:

    too much 4 me ….

  24. Jensling says:

    WOW O.O
    that’s an impressive collection!
    mine is only 9 figures >.<
    love your room ❤ ^_^

  25. Uesuri says:

    *drools* Thats an awesome collection you have there! I love the comp area haha. I’m glad to see you have em spaced out nicely and not everything close together like my buddy <_<. Goodluck getting those cases haha!

  26. […] if you’ve seen the post of My Collection you may have noticed that I have a thing for making collages so I thought I’d post pictures […]

  27. ~+~ Chai ~+~ says:

    I so want this room too. Yay! Is it hard to clean a room like this?

  28. Azzi says:

    I came across this looking for a basic Mars Arrow symbol. and i just wanted to say that your like my hero. im working on getting a collection like this one for myself but im no where near this collection. WOW. congradulations and theres still lots of room to grow! keep it up.

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