Kallen (Code Geass) AlphaxOmega

This figure is of Kallen from the anime Code Geass, it’s made by AlphaxOmega. This is actually my first figure from AlphaxOmega. AlphaxOmega is a team that is the combined efforts of Alter and Megahouse (my favorite 2 figure companies). This is to date the BEST figure of Kallen (in my opinion). Code Geass is such a popular series you’d think there would be more nice quality figures! It’s incredibly frustrating when you like a popular series and there isn’t enough quality merchandise to buy! I actually bought this figure before I had even seen Code Geass, I saw Kallen and knew that she was a character I’d love, and I was right. Kallen (as a character) was the only reason I was able to make it through the first 10 episodes of Code Geass without getting bored.

As much as I like this figure it only looks good from certain angles. Seems like they put so much effort into making her look nice while looking back as she walks, that she isn’t worth 2 cents being viewed from any other angle (ok, maybe I’m over exaggerating with 2 cents…). From the the other angles (the front especially) Kallen practically looks like she is leaning and looks incredibly awkward. For me though her looking silly from other angles is worth it to have such an elegant/original pose with her looking back. But it does seem a waste that you can’t appreciate her lovely uniform from the front. It took me a LONG time to figure out which spot I think she looks best in. I decided she looks best just below eye level in the left corner of my shelf (see the ‘My Collection’ photos I’ll be putting up shortly).

One common complaint I’ve read about this figure is that Kallen’s eyes/face are too sleepy looking. I think thats a ridiculously dumb complaint and hope that people saying that haven’t seen the series, because those that have seen the series should know better! Kallen is a rebel by night and a student by day, in order to help mask her identity she pretends to be a sick/weak girl at school and looks pretty much exactly as she is portrayed in this figure.

You might be wondering what is in her right hand (if you haven’t seen the series), it’s the band that the members of her resistance group wear around their forehead during battle. I love that they had her holding this while pretending to be a frail high school girl. It’s a wonderful way to remind those that look at this figure that there is a top notch warrior, fighting for vengeance, beneath this beautifully serene demeanor.  

I actually have no idea if I recommend this figure or not. The figure quality is nice but I think it’s a level beneath the quality we see from the figures made by Alter (even though Alter had a hand in making this figure). The retail price of this figure is around $70…if you ask me that is far too high. BUT on the other hand there are almost no decent PVC Code Geass figures out there right now. I’d say if you’re not a fan of Kallen looking frail you should just wait until something better comes out. I on the other hand LOVE having a figure of her making this face and can’t wait for a nice figure of her dressed as a rebel to put next to it.


2 Responses to Kallen (Code Geass) AlphaxOmega

  1. Otaku Dan says:

    I’m such a big kallen fan and I want her but I’m saving money for the good bunny suit kallen figure

  2. meronpan says:

    having recently finished code geass i’m aching to add some figures to my collection… this is definitely a contender at the moment. There was that cc figure from some company i’d never heard about that wcloudx posted recently (if i remember you didn’t like the boobs ^^;) that i’d also like…

    i really love the expression of this one but i wish it had something more for the price… guess i’ll just have to put it on my wishlist and sit on it for a while ^^;

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