My Rooms

So if you’ve seen the post of My Collection you may have noticed that I have a thing for making collages 🙂 so I thought I’d post pictures of my past rooms over the last few years. Anime collages have filled my room since I was first allowed to decorate my room in Junior High. Almost all the houses I’ve lived in growing up had wallpaper on the walls in the bedrooms so my mom didn’t allow any posters. Eventually (in Junior High) I convinced my mom to let me hang a Titanic poster on my closet door, that was soon followed by a beautiful foil Sailor Moon poster I picked up at Suncoast. Soon not an inch of my doors could be seen with all my magazine clippings. Please keep in mind I was a young and easily amazed pre-teen at the time of having this Titanic poster *sigh…Shakes Head* Titanic is a movie not many girls my age (at the time) escaped. Although I still can’t help but laugh at how shocked I was to see boobs in a movie (I went in not knowing I would see almost all of Kate Winslet). Anyway enough about Titanic…

I’ve always admired the Japanese tradition of simplistic decoration and functionality…but it’s not something that I wish to embrace for myself. I like LOTS of color and images without an inch of wall showing! The top picture is of my room right before I headed off to college (I took the picture with a disposable camera so the quality stinks). I was mainly taking a picture of the family cats (Ami and Rini) but I did catch a fair amount of my wall beind them, those kinds of pictures reach the ceiling without any gaps. Also anyone who made a connection between the Sailor Moon poster and the cats names…yes…yes I did…shutup. I haven’t learned my lesson yet either, my boyfriend and I want to have 1 cat and 1 dog someday and if the cat is an orange female you better believe her name will be Nami.

In high school I hid my love of anime…but in college I was torn over whether or not I should decorate my room in anime like normal. I was concerned about scaring off potential friends since the first thing they’d realize about me was that I LOVE ANIME! And then I remembered I’m going to engineering college (there were 4 guys for every 1 girl), my hobbies wouldn’t be considered too odd in that environment. I took that picture after the first week I moved into my dorm, by the end of the year the pictures had expanded to the right and left a lot more.

AT LAST!!! My own personal room! As you can see I went crazy with images since I didn’t have to take my roommate (or mother’s) tastes into consideration. I had a lot more pictures of my room but they were lost in a tragic computer incident. My bed also served as my couch to watch TV from (hence the boyfriend pillows positioned there).

You guys may have noticed I put art in my collages too, for those with a taste for art I adore impressionists (Renoir, Van Gogh, etc…) and I enjoy Dali and Norman Rockwell. It’s a pretty random combination of artists but meh. You might be wondering where my manga is? It’s in many boxes under my bed, I just didn’t have the space to display it all properly.

There is a bit of manga on this shelf but it’s mostly my favorite books and DVDs. You might also be noticing a few random figures here and there. These pictures probably mark the beginning trickle of my figure collection. There are some cheap Sailor Moon capsule figures, an Inuyasha trading figure set, some bootleg Bleach figures, a Shigure bobblehead, and a couple Rurouni Kenshin figures. I think half the reason I loved Rurouni Kenshin so much is because of all the lovely traditional clothing the characters wear.

So there you have it, my rooms over the stages of puberty to a full fledged Otaku.

So do you find the collages creepy? I was surprised to find that the random people who saw them were both horrified and fascinated by them. In fact when I posted my figure collection pictures on my blog fellow otaku were more weirded out by my collage then by my dozens of figures.


10 Responses to My Rooms

  1. Panther says:

    Your cats, they in your bed, invading your blankets.

    Also I see phallic representation at the front of bed. Oops.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Panther – Thats a special/private item 😉

    For the record it’s really a lint roller…no REALLY it is….stop giving me that look…it’s a perfectly acceptable item in any household!!

  3. Otaku Dan says:

    wow, i have never covered every inch of my walls with posters like you

  4. Aww, your cats are cute. 😀
    Personally, I’m not too big on covering the walls with posters. It tends to make me feel as if the walls are closing in on me.

  5. Snark says:

    The sheer amounts of concentrated awesome that radiated from those pictures of your room has left me a stutering child who can only communicate his amazement of your room through the tears of nerdy joy that I shed over my keyboard. Alas language fails me yet again.

  6. Riiana Doon says:

    Once again amazing!:D Evolution is awesome!:D And yes, I can tell that is a lint roller:P… Maybe i’m the only one… nonetheless thank you for making me smile today!:D

  7. Blowfish says:

    LOL i thought exactly the same as Panther when i saw that “lint roller” XD

    Anyways that one impressive room there but nothing id do to my room.I dont like to plaster my room with posters.I like to keep it a bit more simple with a picture/poster here and there.
    I think alot of people are weirded out by it because its not too easy on the eye.

    You can see boobs in Titanic?Thats the first reason i heard to watch Titanic.I remember back then all the girls wnet into Titanic and all the boys in the rerun of the starwars flicks

  8. suneo says:

    haha i didn’t even notice the lint roller… I was more fixated on the cats.
    Kitties! I love kitties lol

    I used to decorate my room in high school with wallscrolls and posters, and also in my first couple of years of college, but I eventually stopped putting up anything on my walls…mostly cuz I just got too lazy to put them up and take them down with every move… Still have all of my posters and wallscrolls either in a box or in the living room, but they haven’t been touched in years… Maybe I should let them out to play again sometime lol.

  9. Kona says:

    Lol, to tell you something, I am not horrified, hahaha. Well, I think I am usually like that, because, a lot of people have different tastes, so I grew up telling myself that and never really find other people’s tastes weird.

    And, haha, for otakus, of course they wouldn’t be shocked at the number of your figurines, they themselves have that much! (or maybe just the figurine collectors). ^^
    *wants a cat too~*

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