Horo (Spice and Wolf) Cospa

This is Horo (or Holo) from the anime Spice and Wolf, the figure is by Cospa. I’m only about 4 episodes into the anime but I can already tell that I’ll like this series, I’m rapidly becoming attached to the main characters. I probably should be more fond of Horo but I think I prefer Lawrence as my favorite character from the series. This is my first figure by Cospa and I’ll definitely try and keep an eye out on their future figure releases, I like their quality and their attention to details. This figure is based on Horo’s look from the anime (I hear the Kotobukiya Horo is based more on her look in the light novels).

Oddly enough what drew me to this figure was how warm and cozy she looked in her outfit, she is probably the figure that shows the least amount of skin in my entire collection. Even in the prototype pictures the details on the fur fringes on her outfit seemed really well done, not to mention the leather pouch necklace. It’s a little sad that her magnificent tail can’t really be seen too well in the figure, but it’s consistent with how she wears her outfit in the anime. I’m someone that appreciates it when manufacturaturers do their best to properly emulate the characters I know and love, rather then throw on little details that might make the figure itself more appealing to the general market. I like the pose Cospa chose for this Horo, her subtle spinning position makes it easier to appreciate all the details of the outfit.

In general I don’t go for figures with animal ears and a tail UNLESS the character is supposed to actually have ears and a tail. The whole animal ears on girl characters fetish doesn’t appeal to me at all. I think I have about 6 figures that came with a cat ears option and I only put them on one figure from the whole lot. I put them on the Kotobukiya Nagisa figure because she looks plain otherwise.

This figure cost me about $70 and I think that price is justified. Why? Well if you’re buying this figure it’s probably because you like the light novels/anime and therefor have a strong attachment to the character, and in my opinion Cospa did a top judge properly representing Horo in this figure. However, this figure probably wouldn’t appeal to someone who just wants a sexy or beautiful figure regardless of the character. Plus of all the PVC figures out there of Horo right now I think this one is (by far) the best.

EDIT: Apparently the skirt can be taken off. Someone on my forums told me, and after they said it I realized it makes a lot of sense for the skirt to be able to come off. But when I pulled on it and felt a bit of resistance I whimped out and decided not to pull any harder.


2 Responses to Horo (Spice and Wolf) Cospa

  1. Snark says:

    I love the details on her clothing ^^

  2. Jensling says:

    I got the TFC Horo figure last weekend ^_^
    It’s my current favorite in my collection ❤
    The Cospa one looks great too 😀
    I tried to find it, but it was backordered everywhere I looked 😦

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