Good Smile Company Flaws Part 2

What a dilemna! I LOVE petit nendoroids but they seem to be spitting in my face lately. I happened to get 2 orders of petit nendoroids in 2 weeks and both had a defective figure!

First up is Ryoko, she is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Petit Nendoroids Volume 2 by Good Smile Company. I’m pretty sad about this one because Ryoko is my favorite character in the series and this is the one that battles Yuki in the prototype pictures! Yuki is in defense pose and currently has no one to defend against! You might be thinking ‘Duckie you idiot you broke it, that is not the fault of GSC!’ but you’d be wrong! That silly little stand arrived broken in two and I foolishly tried to make it whole again.

First I used regular super glue, then I tried rubber cement, and then I tried special super glue that goes on purple and then dries clear (which it clearly doesn’t) and then I realized I was an idiot. I contacted the people I bought it from, I happened to order this set from HLJ and am currently negotiating to get a replacement part. It’s been over 2 weeks but HLJ assures me that GSC is very good about replacing parts. At this rate though I may just buy a whole other set and sell off the extras to make back my money. I don’t want to risk GSC being stubborn and then me being left 1 figure short of a set because they sold out everywhere. Luckily for me this set is getting a re-release so I still have some time before I resort to re-buying the set.

Next up is Kyon, he is from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Petit Nendoroids Volume 1 by Good Smile Company. I got this set on the recent re-release. Well…I can’t get his shrugging arm in no matter HOW HARD I pushed. I had hoped it was only because I’m so weak and gave him to the boyfriend to put together. But my bf couldn’t get it in either. His expression in the picture below is very appropriate for the situation.

I ordered this set from TL and I contacted the owner, he had me ship the nendoroid back to TL for repair. TL even offered to repair my Ryoko even though I hadn’t bought it from them, but I want to wait and see if I can get a brand new part from GSC first.

Having two incomplete sets is a very sad thing indeed 😦 I have such a love/hate relationship with GSC that it’s completely pathetic on my part. Sometimes I think I love the abuse and disappointment.

I have read a lot of reviews on Petit Nendoroids and it angers me when the reviewers say stuff like “people need to stop complaining about defects/flaws with these figures…these figures only cost $5!” How utterly idiotic, each individual figure may only be $5 but the whole set costs about $60. If one is defective am I just supposed to be happy with an incomplete set? Especially after I went to the trouble to buy a whole box? When one is defective I’m put in a very difficult spot. I either have to get lucky on eBay and find the figure being sold individually (even though they overcharge) or buy a whole other box just to get one figure.

I’ll post an update on my dealings with HLJ and TL after everything is all done.

4 Responses to Good Smile Company Flaws Part 2

  1. meronpan says:

    i hate nendoroid puchi arms soooo much. i’ve never had one like your kyon that i couldn’t get in, but i swear if i even look at akira her arm falls out -_- really sucks not having the whole set on display… at least with ryoko you might be able to prop her up with something in the meantime, but for kyon… orz

  2. Redmango (Philip) says:

    I hope your request with HLJ has positive results. I just started collecting figures with Figma as my point of interest. In the last five weeks, I placed four separate orders with HLJ. I would be very interested in your dealings with HLJ.

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    So far all my dealings with HLJ have been completely positive. I use SAL shipping with them and an item has yet to be lost or damaged. I think I’ve ordered about 6 or 7 items with them so far. They’re also fairly responsive to their e-mails considering they’re located in Japan.

  4. Squee says:

    imo the best thing to do with kyon’s arm is to sand down the joint

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