Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!) Max Factory

January 16, 2009



This is Taiga Aisaka from the anime/light novels Toradora! The figure is by Max Factory. I admit it, I bought this figure before I knew anything about this character, the figure was released before the anime started airing last fall. But if you ask me this figure says almost everything you need to know about Taiga’s personality. This is one of those situations where I fall in love with a character/figure and then watch the anime to find out more about the character that has intrigued me. I’ve fallen really behind in the series but I intend on catching up all at once soon. It’s hard for me to watch 1 episode a week of something, I much prefer to wait a bit and watch a huge chunk of the series marathon style.


I couldn’t resist her grumpy face and the fact that she was holding such a cute but angry tiger! This pose is modeled after the cover of the first volume of the light novel series (pictured above). Max Factory did a superb job, as always.

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