Last December Haul

December 29, 2008


So here is my last haul of December! I’m actually overall not as excited by the haul of figures as I was expecting to be. I have quick pictures of each individual figure below. I used to just show hauls with the figures in their boxes in a big pile. But since I take a while to get around to posting reviews I realize its better if I do at least a few individual pics at the haul to help those who are worried about certain figures a bit quicker. I also went on a big manga spree this month 🙂 I just loooooove manga!

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Yen+Plus Magazine (Manga Anthology)

October 21, 2008

So I generally don’t do magazines that are manga anthologies, I tried the Shojo Beat magazine for the first year it was released, but it just didn’t take with me. There were too few stories I was anxiously reading out of their total lineup, it didn’t seem worth the money to pay for a manga magazine so I let my subscription run out. Heck I even sold the magazines from the first 12 months for about $20 on eBay, so I made some of my money back. I decided it was best just to buy the manga of the series I wanted because it would be cheaper (in the end) and manga takes up less space and is more durable then the magazines. Plus I’m someone who wants to have EVERYTHING, so if I’m going to be involved in a manga anthology I need to have every volume from the beginning, I SIMPLY cannot just hop in at any point in time and feel satisfied! So I had assumed I’d never try a manga anthology again…until Yen+Plus

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Soul Eater – Review Blurb

August 4, 2008

Quick Summary

This anime focuses on a school known as Shibusen, here Weapon Meisters and their Weapons train. Weapons have a human form/personality as well as their weapon form. The goal of the school is to eliminate evil human souls, they do this to eliminate the risk of one of these souls turning into the Demon God. Once a Demon God is born from a corrupt human soul they will throw the world into chaos and attempt to destroy everything. In order for a weapon to become powerful it must devour 99 evil souls as well as the soul of a witch.

(At the time of this review 16 episodes are released and the series is currently unlicensed in the U.S. as an anime.)

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