Corticarte (Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica) Good Smile Company

October 4, 2008

This figure is of Corticarte from the anime Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica and is by Good Smile Company. I have never seen this anime and to be honest I didn’t think the prototype pictures of this figure were too great, so I didn’t pre-order her. BUT I happened to be reading Kumo’s Corti Review and his review completely changed my mind. Sometimes pictures of figures taken by fans just tells you so much more about a figure then prototype images do. BUT her retail price was a bit too high for a character I don’t know…well ToysLogic had her in stock and listed at $39.99. That price was by far the best price I’ve seen on her and decided to go for it!

Corti arrived and was EVEN better in person! I’m THRILLED with her! In the prototype pictures I thought that the way she was jumping seemed weird and unnatural but in person it looks great. Having her popping up in the air in such a cute pose is a refreshing addition to my figure shelves. Although I do think she looks better on a shelf below eye level, that way the stand under her foot is somewhat hidden.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I LOVE pink and I LOVE long hair. This figure definitely has the most BEAUTIFUL hair of all my figures, they chose such a great color of pink and the way it falls around her is absolutely lovely. The hair really frames her face and body in a way thats very complimentary. Oddly enough I really like her boots, I think the attention to detail is just right on those. Plus in terms of fashion I think those boots with such a girlie outfit is a pleasant contrast.

I usually think it’s a waste of time to take pictures of the figure’s underwear (I mean COME ON plain white underwear? Why does it matter if I take a picture of that or not?) but I think hers were cute and worth taking pictures of. Although there is no way in hell I’d display her in her undies, it’s waste of money not to display figures in their gorgeous outfits in my opinion.

This is a figure that really shows off Good Smile Company’s skills both in terms of a design that is stable (doesn’t lean) yet still has a dynamic pose and an amazing sculpt and paint job. Occasionally Good Smile Company does a figure that is just perfect…although other times I want to wring their necks over stupid mistakes…

This happens to be one of Good Smile Company’s figures that is the perfect $40 purchase. I can’t imagine a wiser way to spend this amount on a figure.