Rozalin (Disgaea 2) Griffon

January 7, 2009



This is Rozalin from the video game Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories on the PS2. The figure is by Griffon Enterprises. I’ve played the first Disagea game (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness) but I haven’t played the 2nd one yet. The Disgaea series are created by Nippon Ichi and are strategy RPGs. Generally the overall opinion seems to be that Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is better then  Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. But personally I’m anticipating liking Disgaea 2 more. Why? Well in general I’m not that fond of moe type females, and the two leads of the first game are just that. I prefer characters with womanly beauty and grace like this Rozalin. I loved playing Laharl as the anti-hero in Disgaea 1 but I really like the sound of the hero from the 2nd game and the situation under which he and Rozalin meet. Although these are just predictions on my part because (for me) a love of character design is important in games and anime.

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Last December Haul

December 29, 2008


So here is my last haul of December! I’m actually overall not as excited by the haul of figures as I was expecting to be. I have quick pictures of each individual figure below. I used to just show hauls with the figures in their boxes in a big pile. But since I take a while to get around to posting reviews I realize its better if I do at least a few individual pics at the haul to help those who are worried about certain figures a bit quicker. I also went on a big manga spree this month 🙂 I just loooooove manga!

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