Damaged Roberta Figure – A Curse and Blessing

March 26, 2009


So I didn’tĀ pre-order the New Line Roberta because her price was high and I didn’t have the New Line Revy to match. I’d love Roberta but every time I looked at her I’d think of the two Revy figures I let get away (Alter and New Line). I only felt I could justify the pricetag on Roberta if I had the matching Revy (obsessive completionist much?), their two poses seemed like they’d compliment each other well. Well a re-release of the New Line Revy was announced a month after Roberta came into stock everywhere! On a lot of figures if you don’t have a figure at that point then you’re f***ed on finding one in stock. I happened to get a sweet bonus and tax return this spring so I decided she would be my splurge and I’d save the rest. I began my search for Roberta and found her in stock at only two sites BeNippon and CDJapan. I had used BeNippon in the past on harder to find figures and been pleased with their service but not their prices. For Roberta it was going to cost like $80 to ship, on top of the fullĀ figure price, AND on top of that they charge a 4.5% fee for using a credit card. They would allow a bank payment but the way it’s setup it’s cheaper to go with taking the 4.5% credit card fee.

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