First Haul of December

December 12, 2008


All my December Hauls are going to arrive back to back, so I’m going to have this little haul post today and probably a HUGE one next week. I’m delighted that Megahouse is doing Portraits of Pirates figures of the One Piece crew when they were kids. After all, their bittersweet/sad childhood stories were what made me latch onto these characters and love them as much as I do. I consider my One Piece figures to be the heart of my collection, they would be the last ones I’d sell in a time of great financial emergency. I have great admiration for characters that don’t obsess over their sad childhoods and instead look with excitment towards the future. The set above is the 2nd set of the kid versions (the first set had Luffy, Robin, and Sanji), in this set is Zoro, Nami, and Nojiko. When I review these figures I’ll probably do them as sets, I’m thinking I’ll take the pictures this weekend. They come with 2 heads with different facial expressions and different accessories. NOW onto my video games and manga!

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Octomania – Review Blurb

August 5, 2008


2008 – Wii

So why on earth did I buy this totally random game? The person who made this game also made Puyo Pop Fever which I had fun playing at a friend’s house a while back. Plus it was $20 new with free shipping.

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