Pet Shop of Horrors – Review Blurb

July 27, 2008

Title: Pet Shop of Horrors
Japanese Title: Pettoshoppu obu Horāzu
Author: Matsuri Akino
Genre: Fantasy, horror, mystery, supernatural, thriller
Licensed: Yes (Tokyopop)
Release Date: June 2003 (in Japan 1995-1998)
Volumes: 10

Quick Summary
This series isn’t so much a single story as it is many stand alone stories strung together to create an amazingly refreshing manga experience. The plot focuses on Count D, the proprietor of a mysterious pet shop located in a Chinatown in the United States. Each chapter in this series tells a short story that involves a customer and the pet sold to them by the Count. People come into the shop often looking for regular pets but what the Count can offer them is a pet that may fulfill their deepest wish, as long as the new owner cares for them per his instructions. Should the instructions not be followed exactly, the Count is not responsible for what occurs after, no matter how deathly the results may be. Each story seems to focus on the inner battle of the customer and their ability (or lack thereof) to overcome their weaknesses/temptations and care for their new “pet” exactly per contract.

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