Nanatsuiro Drops Limited Edition Nendoroid

August 5, 2008

Nanatsuiro * Drops: Touch de Hajimaru Hatsukoi Monogatari [Limited Edition]

I had fallen in love with the Limited Edition Sumomo Nendoroid. But alas all seemed lost because she was part of a set of items that would cost over $100 after shipping! I could not justify spending that much on a single nendoroid even though I admired those little pjs and that cute ram of hers! I have a DS but there is no guarantee that I’d enjoy the game (especially since I can’t read Japanese) so I could not take a risk. This set went on sale for $37 on Play Asia, which isn’t even more expensive than a regular nendoroid without all the extras!!! Too bad I was on vacation with no internet during that sale 😦 but eventually more sets were listed at $49.95! I could justify buying a nendoroid and my first Japanese game for that amount. I’m actually quite curious to see if I can fudge my way through the game! I’ll keep you posted after I finish…or fail at completing!

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