Now Featuring Miku and Ryuna!

March 5, 2009



Here is my Miku from Good Smile Company! I just love how she looks in front of this background! SO CUTE! I have been looking forward to this figure for a long time. It gives me the shivers that there was a mixup with my pre-order and I almost missed out on her! She is a nice unique addition to my collection, she really stands out as being different from the rest of my collection. Currently I have no plans to get any other Miku figures, I know GSC has some tempting versions of her coming down the pipeline but I almost gagged when I saw the price of Black Rock Shooter. I know¬†BRS is technically not Miku, but she was originally a darker variant of Miku and then the creator decided to just make her an original character, but I still see her as “Dark Miku”.

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Haul Featuring Riannon and Octavia!

March 3, 2009


I actually got this haul quite a while ago, ack! So behind! I did take pictures of all the figures from this haul but I’m going to spread them out over the next week of posts. It will probably be another month before I can have haul posts with pictures of each figure all at once because I’m packing so much stuff I probably won’t unwrap any of the figures between now and the move. Figures are the first thing I’m packing up too, my shelves are already only about 75% full compared to last week. Looks like I won’t be finishing Persona 3 anytime soon even though I’m close to the end, all my free time is spent packing/posting. Anyway this haul post will feature pictures of Riannon and Octavia by Kotobukiya and they’re from the video game Tears to Tiara.

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