Gothic Lolita Rei (Evangelion) Kotobukiya

February 2, 2009



This figure is of Rei from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, although Rei never wore an outfit of this type in the series (at least not that I remember). Rei in this outfit was created to accompany the Asuka you see there in the back. I believe the Asuka outfit and pose was based off of a random drawing made by the original creator. This pair was made by Kotobukiya and are actually Kotobukiya US figures. What is a  Kotobukiya US figure you ask? They’re figures that Kotobukiya release directly to the US and are sold at a reduced price, from what I’ve seen they do not differ from the Japanese figures at all. They just have a much nicer pricetag on them, these guys cost me $35 a pop. Well worth the money, they look simply wonderful together. Although you have to wait longer then the Japanese street date to get them.

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First Haul of 2009

January 19, 2009

Now THIS is how you start off a year! I was really excited by this particular haul, had a lot of beauties and cuties. The lighting on the picture of the whole haul sucks because it was night by the time I got home and I was just SO EXCITED and ready to open them and place them on my shelves that I rushed. I’ve been collecting figures for over a year now and the sight of a haul like this still makes me act beside myself with excitment. Hopefully the pictures of each individual figure below will make up for this crummy one.

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2nd Haul of November

November 16, 2008


I got this haul a few days ago but didn’t have time to post it cause of school work. BLAH! Well my Finance final is done and over with. Only 1 more final and 1 presentation to go this semester! This will probably be my last sweet haul of this month. I should add I also recently got in Pokemon Diamond (hell ya only $20 on Amazon) and the first volume of the manga Black God, which aren’t pictured. Going clockwise I have Blanc Neige by Kotobukiya (version 2), the Miku Figma by Max Factory, Noir Clalaclan by Kotobukiya, Mitsuru from Persona 3, and Elwing by Kotobukiya. I had always thought that Elwing’s name was spelled Elwyn, guess I was wrong. I adore my Kotobukiya Shining ladies, I now own 9 of them. But oddly enough I don’t display them all together because I think some look better in different spots. This Blanc Neige is next to Kureha on my top shelf and Elwing is hanging out next to my Gothic Lolita Haruhi figure.

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Kureha (Shining Wind) Kotobukiya

October 7, 2008

This figure is of Kureha from the game Shining Wind, the figure is by Kotobukiya. She is also in an anime called Shining Tears X Wind which is based off of the video game Kureha is from as well as Shining Tears (hence the name). Besides what I just stated I know nothing about Kureha herself, Shining Wind is an RPG for the Playstation 2 that was not released outside Japan. So you’d think I’d be all over watching this anime right? I should be, but I’m torn over watching it or not. Anime based off of video games…never seem to fully satisfy…but I don’t know how else I can get to know the character of Kureha better. You can display this figure with or without her bow (see below image).

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October First Haul!

October 6, 2008

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Last Haul of September!

September 24, 2008

The LAST Haul of September!! This haul is a lot larger then I had initially planned but ToysLogic had a buy one get one half off sale on all in stock figures and I splurged on 2 figures that I had considered just a bit too expensive to be on my pre-order lists…if you know the figure prices of all these figures you can probably guess which 2 right now. That One Piece flag is actually a beach towel, it’s a belated birthday gift for my boyfriend. I’ll probably never get a chance to use it myself since if I’m going to the beach that prob means he is coming too. A girlfriend that buys her boyfriend a Haruhi body pillow AND a One Piece towel? Aren’t the otaku men of the world just too jealous 😉 . I bought that towel and the Pinky at the bottom center from HLJ. I really liked the hair on that Pinky, was very retro, plus her main outfit is delightfully girlie. Not to mention Pinky figures are incredibly affordabe, she cost under $7.

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Chise (Kotobukiya) Saikano

September 4, 2008

This is Chise from the anime/manga series Saikano, the figure is by Kotobukiya. I was very lucky to find this figure at a reasonable price. I happened to find it on eBay and at the time of purchase she was my most expensive figure at $55. I’ve read the manga but I haven’t seen the anime. What drew me to this series and this character were those wings that just seemed to scream tragedy. Chise is my all time favorite tragic heroine, the ending to Saikano (the manga at least) left a huge impact on me. I think about the ending to that series more often then any other.

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