Posting on HOLD!

June 1, 2009

PW Duckie

I have some new posts all ready to go (a figure review and a Yahoo Japan/Proxy service use tutorial) but I really want to put them up as some of my debut posts on my blog when it becomes . Especially since I think I’m really starting to nail the lighting on my figures, I want all my better figure reviews on the new site. So I’m going to hold off on posting this week until I get the new blog setup. Initially it’ll probably look similar to this one but I hope to make it much sexier looking since I can now freely manipulate more features. Also why Phoenix Wright images? Lately in my free time I’ve been chewing through Phoenix Wright: Justice For All…I have no idea why these games are so damn addicting for me! I just love them 🙂

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Two Figures I Never Thought I’d Own…

February 25, 2009


Clayz Saber (not the maid or bathing suit one) and Max Factory Shenhua. Remember how I had that grail list? Well the only reason these two figures weren’t on there were because I thought they were both beyond my reach completely (for what I was willing to pay). Shenhua often shows up on eBay paired off with the all expensive Revy, and even solo her price spikes pretty good. The Clayz Saber almost never shows up on eBay at all! There is always one listed at about $300 though. I got each one at $60 (so $120 total) WITH SHIPPING. I couldn’t have gotten better prices even if I had pre-ordered them!


How was this miracle possible? Well Kaiyouske is selling his entire collection at Tsuki-Board, he also advertised his sale once on DannyChoo. The above picture are the figures that remain in his collection for sale. I’m not a very trusting person on the internet but when I saw the positive feedback for him with a sale through him on How A Girl Figures I bought without hesitation. He is VERY honest and is asking more then reasonable prices on all the figures I inquired about. If he has a figure you desire I recommend you buy from him. Although I think I got the best two figures 🙂 but that’s just me and my personal tastes.

I’ll post many pictures of my two new ladies next week!