Good Smile Company – Common Design Flaws

July 30, 2008

As of late I have felt myself a bit let down by Good Smile Company (GSC). I once considered them in my top 5 figure manufacturers but now I’m anxious about ordering certain types of figures from them. It’s not that the figures look bad in comparison to the prototype pictures, on the contrary some look even better than the prototype pictures when you see them in real life. Lately it seems like GSC products either have Design Flaws that result in easy breaking or deforming of the figures, or the figures are INCREDIBLY hard to put together. For a company that prides themselves at being one of the manufacturers at the forefront of the anime figure industry there seem to be far too many overlooked basic mechanical flaws with their designs.

The examples I’m listing are the figures I own and have personal experience with. I wouldn’t feel right commenting on something I haven’t personally had troubles with.

Example #1 – Nendoroids

Light Yagami (Deathnote) – Nendoroid #12

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