Your Figure Pet Peeve?

November 12, 2008


Sometimes figures can do almost everything right and yet you still don’t buy them…why? For me it’s usually because they have one of the few features I can’t stand in figures. For Example this figure of Karen is from a series I actively collect from, she is from a company I love and is almost perfect in every way! She is wearing dark colors with soft flowing grey hair and an amazingly eye catching red sash, not only that but she is currently on sale at my favorite figure store. So what is the one thing about her that makes it so I can’t buy her? CAMEL TOE. I just can’t stand to see Camel Toe, maybe it’s because I’m female and seeing it makes me realize how uncomfy her outfit must be? or maybe because I am female it just doesn’t appeal to me in a sexy way? Well anyway I dislike seeing them in figures. I should note that on Karen having a camel toe is part of her character design and is on most (if not all) figures of her.

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