Figure Haul Catch Up…and a New Buddy

May 26, 2009


My last haul post was March 3, 2009…have I not been buying anything since then? AHAHAHAHAHA my bf wishes I wasn’t! Nope I’ve continued getting my pre-orders in and a few fun impulse figures on top of it (not to mention a few dolls not pictured here). I’ve even (very recently) become experienced at purchasing off Yahoo Japan to get an item. I forgot to take pictures of my newest Manga, I COULD skip the manga but I really want to talk a bit about the content of a few of the series I’ve purchased recently. I’ll just throw them onto the end of my next haul. Also who is my new buddy? It’s not Mokona, although he was a fun extra surprise!¬†You’ll see at the end of my post. So here we are, about 3 months of goodies! I haven’t opened them yet because I’m still unpacking and moving into my house, I’m going to put up some nice shelving for them after I wash the walls (yes the walls REALLY do need to be washed…I’m not just OCD in this case).

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