Last Haul of September!

September 24, 2008

The LAST Haul of September!! This haul is a lot larger then I had initially planned but ToysLogic had a buy one get one half off sale on all in stock figures and I splurged on 2 figures that I had considered just a bit too expensive to be on my pre-order lists…if you know the figure prices of all these figures you can probably guess which 2 right now. That One Piece flag is actually a beach towel, it’s a belated birthday gift for my boyfriend. I’ll probably never get a chance to use it myself since if I’m going to the beach that prob means he is coming too. A girlfriend that buys her boyfriend a Haruhi body pillow AND a One Piece towel? Aren’t the otaku men of the world just too jealous 😉 . I bought that towel and the Pinky at the bottom center from HLJ. I really liked the hair on that Pinky, was very retro, plus her main outfit is delightfully girlie. Not to mention Pinky figures are incredibly affordabe, she cost under $7.

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Lucia (BOME) Vol. 25

August 19, 2008

This figure is Mitsumi Misato Lucia by BOME from ‘Positive Penguin Life’. Lucia is an original character created by illustrator and game designer Mitsumi Misato. I saw a poor picture of this figure before and thought she was based on some tacky character from the 80’s, pretty much it was the hairstyle and the fact that she is wearing what appears to be a red patent leather outfit 😛 . One day I was randomly looking over the 26 BOME PVC figures and when I looked at her prototype pictures she caught my eye in a more positive way.

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Akira (BOME) Vol.26

August 18, 2008

This figure of Akira is the FINAL PVC figure made by BOME. The sticker on the packaging has BOME’s symbol with a big tear on it, I can’t read japanese but there is a little “see you…” on there (see the last photo for the sticker). I’m pretty sad BOME will no longer be making PVC figures, he is pretty much my inspiration for collecting figures!! I fell in love with his Teresa and Chidori Full Metal Panic set and since then I kept a curious eye on the figure scene. Also he is the only person to make a PVC figure of Aya (Tenjho Tenge) that I liked. I’ll really miss his affordable and lovely figures. Although truth be told a few of the ladies he made her a bit too sexy for my collection.

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