Alice (POP Wonderland) Alter

April 6, 2009



This is Alice by Alter and she is from POP Wonderland. From what I understand POP Wonderland is a manga for children that re-tells a lot of classic European fairytails and other stories (ex: Thumbelina, Little Red Riding Hood). It’s been soooooo long since I’ve done a review! I actually took these pictures many months ago but didn’t have a chance to pick out the better ones and post the review!

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First Haul of 2009

January 19, 2009

Now THIS is how you start off a year! I was really excited by this particular haul, had a lot of beauties and cuties. The lighting on the picture of the whole haul sucks because it was night by the time I got home and I was just SO EXCITED and ready to open them and place them on my shelves that I rushed. I’ve been collecting figures for over a year now and the sight of a haul like this still makes me act beside myself with excitment. Hopefully the pictures of each individual figure below will make up for this crummy one.

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Last December Haul

December 29, 2008


So here is my last haul of December! I’m actually overall not as excited by the haul of figures as I was expecting to be. I have quick pictures of each individual figure below. I used to just show hauls with the figures in their boxes in a big pile. But since I take a while to get around to posting reviews I realize its better if I do at least a few individual pics at the haul to help those who are worried about certain figures a bit quicker. I also went on a big manga spree this month 🙂 I just loooooove manga!

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Prototype Images That Don’t Show All

November 22, 2008


I quickly learned in the world of figures…that prototype pictures often lie, more often then not the lie makes the figure look better then it actually is. Either the quality of the figure seems a lot better, or there are bases and stand pegs that are omitted in the prototype images. Occasionally I have had situations where the figure actually looked far better in person then the prototype pictures gave them credit for.

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Dark Saber (Fate: Hollow/Atraxia) Alter

November 19, 2008



This is Dark Saber from the game Fate: Hollow/Atraxia, you may also be familar with Saber from Fate: Stay/Night. I’m actually only guessing she appears in this outfit in the Atraxia game. I’m afraid I only know Saber from the anime Fate: Stay/Night and this outfit was certainly not worn in that series, maybe the game? The figure is by Alter and was unique because I believe the Retail Price was quite low (for Alter), initially she retailed at about $40 and I believe I bought her for only $30 several months ago from one of my stores. Since I’m a Saber fan I was very pleased to find such a reasonably priced figure of her.

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2nd Haul of November

November 16, 2008


I got this haul a few days ago but didn’t have time to post it cause of school work. BLAH! Well my Finance final is done and over with. Only 1 more final and 1 presentation to go this semester! This will probably be my last sweet haul of this month. I should add I also recently got in Pokemon Diamond (hell ya only $20 on Amazon) and the first volume of the manga Black God, which aren’t pictured. Going clockwise I have Blanc Neige by Kotobukiya (version 2), the Miku Figma by Max Factory, Noir Clalaclan by Kotobukiya, Mitsuru from Persona 3, and Elwing by Kotobukiya. I had always thought that Elwing’s name was spelled Elwyn, guess I was wrong. I adore my Kotobukiya Shining ladies, I now own 9 of them. But oddly enough I don’t display them all together because I think some look better in different spots. This Blanc Neige is next to Kureha on my top shelf and Elwing is hanging out next to my Gothic Lolita Haruhi figure.

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Enma Ai (Alter) Hell Girl

September 18, 2008

This figure is of Enma Ai from the anime Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo). The figure is by Alter. The figure is a little on the small side but only cost $45 (yes, that is a good price for Alter quality). I actually was really mad when I first saw this figure!! WHY OH WHY didn’t Alter do a figure of Enma Ai in her Kimono!! I almost didn’t buy it because of that outfit preference. I have a huge fetish for traditional Japanese clothing on my figures. Although you’d be surprised how few Japanese figures exist that actually satisfy this fetish.

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