Basara Manga Collection Complete

April 8, 2009


Although my blog seems to be all about figures, I’m first and foremost an avid manga fan. I currently own over 1100 volumes of manga that I’ve collected over the past 10 years. The hunt for the last two volumes I was missing from Basara has been consuming me for an entire year. And thanks to the good customer service at Otakufuel my soul can rest easy now that I’ve completed my collection. My biggest pet peeve when looking at the manga collections of others is seeing that they have random non-sequential volumes from a series (for example they have volumes 5, 9, and 11 of Bleach). I’d rather not own a series at all then just own bits and pieces from the middle. I’d rather be missing a figure from a set, or a video game from a series then missing a volume in the middle of a manga series.

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Bootlegs – How Many Times Have You been Tricked?

March 30, 2009


Yes, yes, I’ve fallen for many a bootleg figure in my older green days in the figure world. I was even conscious of the fact that my figures might be bootlegs too, but I was more concerned with getting the best price (broke college student). I didn’t think a little extra quality was worth all the stress and pain of hunting the figure down just to pay more.  I also thought that eBay was my only source of anime figures back then too. Ebay almost always sucks for buying figures, but I must admit it’s an amazing way to sell figures. Well as you can imagine I’ve wisened up since then and avoid bootlegs like the plague. After all when I buy a figure I’m DIRECTLY supporting the anime industry in Japan. Anime over there functions almost purely as a commercial to sell products directly related to the series, shows have to PAY to be aired on stations at certain times (unlike in the US where stations buy the rights to shows).  So when you buy the products associated from the show from Japan, you’re supporting what you love at the source.

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Damaged Roberta Figure – A Curse and Blessing

March 26, 2009


So I didn’t pre-order the New Line Roberta because her price was high and I didn’t have the New Line Revy to match. I’d love Roberta but every time I looked at her I’d think of the two Revy figures I let get away (Alter and New Line). I only felt I could justify the pricetag on Roberta if I had the matching Revy (obsessive completionist much?), their two poses seemed like they’d compliment each other well. Well a re-release of the New Line Revy was announced a month after Roberta came into stock everywhere! On a lot of figures if you don’t have a figure at that point then you’re f***ed on finding one in stock. I happened to get a sweet bonus and tax return this spring so I decided she would be my splurge and I’d save the rest. I began my search for Roberta and found her in stock at only two sites BeNippon and CDJapan. I had used BeNippon in the past on harder to find figures and been pleased with their service but not their prices. For Roberta it was going to cost like $80 to ship, on top of the full figure price, AND on top of that they charge a 4.5% fee for using a credit card. They would allow a bank payment but the way it’s setup it’s cheaper to go with taking the 4.5% credit card fee.

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How do you choose an anime?

March 23, 2009


I’m in my new home! I moved in last weekend but as a result my posts will be lacking until my computer at home is setup! It’ll probably be setup tonight and then I can post my POP Wonderland figure reviews! In the meantime I think I’ll ask a few questions I’ve been curious about! Starting with “How do you choose an anime series?” Is it because of great reviews? Do you see the preview and just know it’s going to be great? Do you select series based on authors and anime studios you’re familar with?

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A Blowfish Request

February 24, 2009



Blowfish is trying to figure out if he wants the Good Smile Company (GSC) Sakura or the Alter Sakura, as well as if he wants either the Enterbrain Rider or the GSC Rider. Are you all thinking what I am? I agree, Blowfish has a purple hair fetish!! Well I happen to own these figures and decided that I’d love to procrastinate help out a blog buddy. I’ve given my opinion on which I think he should buy. Would the rest of you contribute which you think he should buy as well?

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Is that a DOLL?!

February 21, 2009



NO! It’s a pose-able 1/4th scale figure with a wig and clothing…FINE it’s a doll I admit it! My poor boyfriend isn’t pleased with this new collectible of mine. Loads of manga? Fine! Rows of flamboyant figures? Ok! But now…dolls? Aw man… My poor boy toy has to put up with my hobbies that just seem to get weirder and weirder. He happens to think all dolls are disturbing and these dolls (Pullips) are especially creepy to him. I realize he isn’t in the minority in thinking these dolls look creepy either. But I can’t help it, to me she is soooooooo pretty! *Girlie Squeal* It could just be that I was raised surrounded by dolls that they don’t disturb me. My mom collected some porcelain dolls that she kept in my room. Although at night there was this one lady doll that I swore would turn and look at me, I had my mom put that one in her room.

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Damaged Boxes! How much will you tolerate?

February 13, 2009


I’ve been asked many times what I do with all my figure boxes (since I save them all). Well since the basement flooded last season I store them as you see above 🙂 . Each of those bins costs me $6.50 and it really adds up when I have a lot of them but I think it’s worth it! Not only can I stack them real high to allow more storage space but they’re safe from water. I’m also moving soon and having all my figures in their boxes in these bins will give me great peace of mind, not only because I feel that they’re safer, but it’s easier to track all my figures in the move.

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