Rozalin (Disgaea 2) Griffon

January 7, 2009



This is Rozalin from the video game Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories on the PS2. The figure is by Griffon Enterprises. I’ve played the first Disagea game (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness) but I haven’t played the 2nd one yet. The Disgaea series are created by Nippon Ichi and are strategy RPGs. Generally the overall opinion seems to be that Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is better then  Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. But personally I’m anticipating liking Disgaea 2 more. Why? Well in general I’m not that fond of moe type females, and the two leads of the first game are just that. I prefer characters with womanly beauty and grace like this Rozalin. I loved playing Laharl as the anti-hero in Disgaea 1 but I really like the sound of the hero from the 2nd game and the situation under which he and Rozalin meet. Although these are just predictions on my part because (for me) a love of character design is important in games and anime.

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Kid Nami, Nojiko and Zoro (One Piece) Megahouse

December 23, 2008


These figures are of Zoro (Zolo), Nojiko, and Nami and are made by Megahouse. Megahouse earns the title of being my favorite figure company just because they do such a fabulous job representing the One Piece characters in their Portraits of Pirates line. I was THRILLED when I found out that they would be doing a Kid Version line because what really hooked me into One Piece was the background stories of each character from when they were a kid. These are sold separately and each one cost me $20.00. The is the Second Kid Portraits of Pirates Set.

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Female Characters (Disgaea) Toys Works

December 18, 2008


This is a Trading Figure Set by Toys Works of some select Female Characters from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I know there is an anime/manga but I’ve only played the original game so when I discuss these characters it will be from a gamer’s point of view. I’ve actually recently sold this set so these pictures are ones I took ages ago. Why did I sell this set? After too many bad experiences with trading figures I’ve decided to stay away from them altogether and sell all but my absolute favorite sets. These didn’t make the cut because Flonne started leaning and the garish color of the bases made me sad. Otherwise these are lovely trading figures of characters I like. Another big reason I gave up trading figures is because they take up too much shelf space and are difficult to display in a way so they’re all showing.
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Emiri (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) FREEing

December 15, 2008



This is Emiri from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the figure is by FREEing. In the anime series Emiri has a very minor role but Haruhi is set up so that there are very few characters in the series that have any presence at all, and Emiri is one of the few. She is part of a collection that FREEing is doing which has every female character in the series in a bunny outfit, so far (other then Emiri) I have Yuki, Tsuruya, and Kyon’s Sister. Go to the Review of Kyon’s Sister to see the original illustration these figures are based off, as well as prototype images of each figure.

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Talho (Eureka Seven) Griffon

December 4, 2008



This is Talho from Eureka Seven, the figure is made by Griffon Enterprises. I’ve actually never really been interested in Eureka Seven even though I’ve heard generally positive things about it. Why? #1 the girl that seems to be the main character doesn’t intrigue me (looks-wise) and #2 I’m generally not a sci-fi sort of gal (although there are ALWAYS exceptions). BUT…I saw this figure and became a bit interested in the show because of it. I really like the character design of Talho, she manages to be very sexy without being slutty (in my opinion). I also like that she isn’t over-accessorized, her style is simple. Her pose is assertive and her face contrasts that well by being beautifully calm, I’m a big fan of figures of confident/prideful characters. I have no idea about any aspects of her true character, but I look forward to learning about her when I watch the show. 

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Dark Saber (Fate: Hollow/Atraxia) Alter

November 19, 2008



This is Dark Saber from the game Fate: Hollow/Atraxia, you may also be familar with Saber from Fate: Stay/Night. I’m actually only guessing she appears in this outfit in the Atraxia game. I’m afraid I only know Saber from the anime Fate: Stay/Night and this outfit was certainly not worn in that series, maybe the game? The figure is by Alter and was unique because I believe the Retail Price was quite low (for Alter), initially she retailed at about $40 and I believe I bought her for only $30 several months ago from one of my stores. Since I’m a Saber fan I was very pleased to find such a reasonably priced figure of her.

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Gothic Lolita Haruhi (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) Griffon

November 12, 2008



This is the Gothic Lolita Haruhi figure by Griffon, if you didn’t know Haruhi is from the show The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Although she never actually wore the outfit in this figure in the anime series, there is a cute illustration of Haruhi, Mikuru, and Yuki all dressed in cute gothic/lolita clothing that this figure was inspired from.

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