20th Century Boys (Manga)

May 18, 2009

Side Note: I was going to post another figure review soon but the images I took are sub par in terms of the lighting. I JUST ordered an awesome lighting set last Friday, I was¬†inspired by Meronpan’s improvement in lighting when he bought a set. So until that arrives I’m afraid I want to put my figure review posts on hold, should probably only be another week at most. But in the meantime…a manga review!

Cover 1

Plot Summary
Humanity is facing extinction at the end of the 20th Century for reasons yet to be fully known/understood to the reader. In 1969 a group of boys created a symbol for their friendship and played games of world dominantion and war…however…28 years later the symbol they created is appearing in seemingly random places. These symbols slowly start to string together dark dealings and mysterious deaths of alarming severity. The main character Kenji was a member of this group of boys.¬†Kenji is now an adult and he long ago gave up on all his dreams and currently runs a convenience store with his mother, and watches his missing sister’s child. When Kenji’s old friend is reported to have committed suicide he begins to get involved in a real life version of the game he played as a child.

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