Basara Manga Collection Complete


Although my blog seems to be all about figures, I’m first and foremost an avid manga fan. I currently own over 1100 volumes of manga that I’ve collected over the past 10 years. The hunt for the last two volumes I was missing from Basara has been consuming me for an entire year. And thanks to the good customer service at Otakufuel my soul can rest easy now that I’ve completed my collection. My biggest pet peeve when looking at the manga collections of others is seeing that they have random non-sequential volumes from a series (for example they have volumes 5, 9, and 11 of Bleach). I’d rather not own a series at all then just own bits and pieces from the middle. I’d rather be missing a figure from a set, or a video game from a series then missing a volume in the middle of a manga series.


So how does someone who hates having random volumes of a manga series missing end up with bits and pieces of a series? I waited until the month after the LAST volume of Basara released (last Spring) and went to buy the whole series all at once at OtakuFuel. Usually I research a series and their print status before I do such a thing, but this series JUST ended its new volume releases the month prior…it didn’t seem like there could possibly be that risk! Especially since it was my beloved Viz that had the series, and they had never once gone OOP (Out Of Print) on me on a series I wanted at that point. I was so so so so wrong.


That series had volumes that went OOP as it was being released…I had no idea. At the time I got my package from Otakufuel I was missing volumes 2, 19, 20, and 23. I kept my backorder status at Otakufuel on those 4 volumes and hunted down volumes 2 and 23 on my own, finding volume 2 was a challenge. But 19 and 20 proved to be extremely difficult! I ordered those two volumes at at least 5 other stores only to be told that the store can no longer obtain those volumes, and I was refunded my money. I even contacted Viz directly and they said there were no plans to print more volumes. I went to Otakufuel in a panic over this and their customer service representative told me she would (after tax season) personally hunt me down the two volumes in new condition and retail price (and in the end she pulled off that miracle). But to be honest I was doubtful (it seemed too good of a promise to be true) and every time my boyfriend and I went out and we passed a Barnes and Nobles or Borders that I hadn’t been to before, I’d ask him if we could stop in and look for them real quick. I know a lot of collectors that relish this search/scavenging process hoping to get lucky, but I think it’s hellish.


As of right now volume 19 is selling around $120 and 20 at $55, those prices are insanely low compared to the prices I was staring down every day of the past year. Basara 19 was available at $300, and 20 wasn’t available at all anywhere. I can only imagine the insane price that would be tagged onto Volume 20 it if one did pop up last year. Since these prices are a bit lower then what I saw all year it makes me think that Viz quietly spit out a small number of these volumes that a few people were able to obtain.  At one point I had missed buying the two volumes on eBay at $100 + shipping and a month later I was kicking myself over not bidding higher on them (I had bid $70). You may be thinking ‘DUCKIE! are you a fool?’ But think of it this way…I own the other 25 volumes (that’s about $200 of manga) and without those two volumes I consider all those other volumes useless/worthless. And what’s worse Basara incomplete would definitely not sell well on eBay. Sure I’d make back some of my money, but I doubt I’d break even. Most people at that time looking to get into Basara were well aware that volumes 19, and 20 were scarce.


How is this manga? I have no idea personally, because I was so scared I’d never find volumes 19 and 20 at an ok price, that I didn’t crack open volume 1. If I read it and started eating it all up I’d be even more frantic when I got to the end of Volume 18 to get those two volumes. I didn’t start reading it for my own wallet protection, plus if my boyfriend found out, I’d be facing a manga intervention. When I’m really into a manga series I make very unwise money decisions in order to get the continuation of the story. I wouldn’t doubt I’d go on eBay and be on of those schmucks that buys the two volumes for $300 or something, even though the sensible side of me knows how utterly ridiculous and pathetic that is. I mean I had almost NO CASH when I started Skip Beat! and I bought the first 11 volumes in one week. But I have read reviews that rave about everything about Basara except the strange art style of the series, not to mention it won some high awards in Japan. So I’m pretty sure I’d like this series because unique art styles almost never bother me as long as there is a good plot.


Manga Series I’ve Hunted after Going OOP
~Marmalade Boy
~Kodocha (Kodoma no Omocha)
~Midori Days
~Wild Act
~Pet Shop of Horrors
~Vampire Princess Miyu
~Please Save My Earth


If you’re trying to figure out if a series is OOP or not go to Amazon and start at volume 1 and go through the WHOLE series and make sure every volume is in stock. I think looking over Amazon is the best site to use to judge if the series is going OOP or not. For example the first few volumes of Saikano are still readily available, but not the last volume and a volume from the middle. It’s awful to get into a series that you realize you may never be able to complete. ALSO a word of warning if volumes 1 and 2 of a series are selling for 1 cent from sellers on Amazon…there is a VERY good chance that there is a volume later on in that series that is a bitch to find or the series itself is on hiatus. But other times it’s just the first volume of a very long or unpopular series.

I have a friend still hunting to complete Five Star Stories, I wish him luck with that and I’m glad my OOP hunt is over (for now). Are any of you hunting for remaining  columes of OOP series?

18 Responses to Basara Manga Collection Complete

  1. gordanham says:

    If they started releasing Basara as VizBig editions would you be happy or pissed? Also, have you ever wanted to start a new series but the bookstore doesn’t have the first volume?I hate that! That’s the only reason why I don’t read Nodame Cantabile.
    All the series I read are still in print exept for old Clamp singles. I wish tokyopop would do a reprint of old clamp titles. I’m still kicking myself for not buying the Myuki-Chan in Wonderland Manga When I found it. What’s even worse is that I passed up a hard cover edition of Shirahime(T.T) I am looking forward to DarkHorses Clover anthology collection though. But dang does Clamp have a lot of incomplete series!

  2. Rin says:

    Ah Saikano…I have all the volumes for that (1 to 7)!!!
    I loved the manga and wow…never expect it to be that much…$380 US.
    That is just insane…that much for a manga…
    I might be able to find a ton of manga during the conventions I go to…
    If I find some…I might help…

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    @ gordan – No, since I didn’t pay over retail price it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I prefer to have a nice slim manga volume in my hands. The only BIG manga books I own are the Omnibus Azumanga Daioh Collection and 1-3 of Sergeant Frog. As much as I love the savings I prefer something lighter and more portable. Also I paid about $5-$6 per volume (with free shipping) of Basara because I bought it when Otakufuel was having a Viz sale. It’s very rare for me to buy a series in bulk like that, if it wasn’t for the sale I wouldn’t have. I only order manga online for reasons like that (bookstores missing a volume I need). I bought Miyuki-chan in Wonderland thinking it would be like Cardcaptor Sakura since it was by CLAMP (this is back in the old days)…all I can say was, it definitely surprised me. I kind of regret not buying Clover, I contemplated it but there just seemed to be almost NO CONTENT in the whole thing and I knew it was an incomplete series. So I never bought it. I think that series has the highest re-sale value of all CLAMP manga it’s interesting to hear it’s being re-released. I’d like to see Sailor Moon manga re-released, Tokyopop (Pocket Mixx) did that series absolutely no justice and they sell for a pretty penny on eBay, I’m even tempted to sell my set of Sailor Moon manga but it’s my first manga series.

    @ Rin – Thanks for the help but I own all of Saikano, I bought the last volume right before it became scarce. All those OOP series I listed I have complete collections of, I just didn’t get into them until they went OOP.

  4. Persocom says:

    I don’t think I’d drop over $15 on a manga volume ever. I guess I’m just not as big on manga, though I enjoy reading it. I guess my collection isn’t bad considering I haven’t even been collecting manga for a whole year yet. I always read them online before but then I felt the joy of holding one in my hands and I haven’t read online in a while now. Never touched Basara before, though I’ve heard a bit about it.

  5. gordanham says:

    Ah Salor moon. It was always mistreated. Even when ADV realeased the sopposed “Uncut” box sets It was still mistreated. I never read the manga though, The only magiclal girl manga I actually liked was Cardcaptor Sakura and Tokyo Mew Mew. But magical girl anime I think are usually better. I totally for got ADV Manga!!! So I do still have some OOP quests. I need to finish my Yotsuba&! and Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days collections. I’m happy Yen press picked up Yotsuba&!

  6. J says:

    OOP manga prices on amazon/ebay are so insane and pathetic. It all boils down to luck. I found basara volumes 1-20 for $100 shipping included just a month ago but I wasn’t interested in enough or taking the risk of getting overused mangas from someone.

  7. xJAYMANx says:

    @Dovely-chan: LOL, wow! So if someone bought u a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, u started putting it together, and u ultimately discovered that one piece was missing, u’d basically crumple it all up, throw it in the trash, and throw the trash out the window? Hahaha.

    Ahh, but I know what u mean. Luckily, I don’t take the “all or nothing” idea too seriously, lol. If I appreciate the “bits and pieces” I do have, and not anguish with regret with what I don’t have, I’ll have a better chance at finding a new girlfriend! LOL. ^o^

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Persocom – In the old days almost all manga was $14.95 and up, those were tough times for a kid in junior high to afford a manga even just once every other month. I was trying to collect from 3 series back then.

    @ Gordan – I bought those for $99 a season. But I decided to sell all DVDs that I own and they sold on eBay for $200 each. Was pretty sweet I must admit.

    @ J – mmmm and did the auction end at that amount? Was it a Buy it Now? Sometimes you can get DAMN lucky on eBay, I bought the first 11 volumes of Berserk for only $50 on eBay (Berserk has an expensive retail price of $13.95 per volume).

    @ Jay – I would 100% definitely toss that puzzle. Ya in general I’m a completionist. But I won’t finish a manga or anime series just for the sake of finishing it. Like owning volumes 1-2 of a 10 volume manga series doesn’t bother me in the slightest. On that same note if I don’t like a figure I don’t buy it. For example I own the Peace@Pieces Hikaru and Death-Sensei but I skipped Nagi.

  9. gordanham says:

    You just stabbed me in the heart>.<
    I found the first and second season sets at F.Y.E. for $70 and I passed up. I think that I’m going to pass out from deppresion……….(sob)…….

  10. J says:

    Yeah, I think it was a buy it now or something. Yes, you can get damn lucky on ebay! Sometimes I wonder how can these sellers be so oblivious. Gosh, looking back, It’s SOOOOOOO frustrating! There’s so many mangas that I can recall around 3 years ago that I could have bought before it was OOP. This really reeks! Gosh, whyyyyy with that price!

  11. xjaymanx says:

    @Dovely-chan: Hehe, gotcha. Yeah, I’m a completionist too, but not to your extreme, lol. Although if I choose an anime well, I usually finish what I start…

    P.S. What happens if u suddenly find the missing puzzle piece stuck in a cardboard fold in the box top? Nooo, lol! ^_~

  12. Blowfish says:

    Im really paranoid about this aswell…
    Sure im in the lucky position to hav the option to buy the missing volume in another language (English) but to be honest thats the last resort because it looks like crap the shelf.
    I never started 20th Century Boys or Monster since they went OOP over here many moons ago.Too bad good manga dont sell over here

  13. gordanham says:

    Isn’t viz currently reprenting 20th boys?
    Also I thought Monster was one of their more popular titles. They even liscenesed the anime.

  14. Blowfish says:


    I dont know about the VIZ Issues…To be honest i was only on the lookout for the German Issues and didnt think about the english counterpart.Thanks for the hint!

  15. gordanham says:

    Have you read Pluto?
    I was thinking of picking that one up to.

  16. Blowfish says:

    Nope havent picked that one up.Its on my list aswell.Its bound to be good ^^

  17. […] Review of Otakufuel. I also positively gushed about them when they found me the volumes I needed of Basara…but now that I think about it, they wouldn’t have had to help me find those volumes to […]

  18. Pandaranda says:

    Oh my! I understand your sentiments entirely! I’m a HUGE completionist maniac, even though I own very few manga series (will only buy them if I absolutely love them XP).

    It pains me to know that I’m in the same boat as you 6 months later…I really jumped onto the Basara bandwagon too late! Just earlier today, I found a post from a seller on LJ that was willing to sell their entire completed Basara set for $80, and only three months ago to boot! T_T

    Damn those over-priced, middle-of-the-series OOP manga volumes…!

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