Princess Resurrection (Manga)

April 30, 2009


I had noticed the figures that were being released from the series Princess Resurrection, and even bought the Happinet Reiri/Riza figure because I love vampire characters. But I didn’t go after experiencing the series for myself, and really didn’t have any plans to. The manga was a complete impulse buy because someone on my forums said they liked the series, I sort of liked the GSC Hime figure (and was debating buying it), and I had some spare cash. All that adds up to me buying the first volume of the manga followed by the next 4 in rapid succession.

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My Kitties – Ami and Rini

April 24, 2009

ami crazy

So as many of you know I just moved to a house and can now have pets! So I took back the cats my parents bought my sister and I when I was in high school. They’re named Ami (above) and Rini (below). And if a few anime fans are scratching their heads right now at the familiarity of those names, the answer is yes…yes I did name the cats after anime characters. Can anyone guess which series? Anyway these little cuties are the reason I have absolutely no figures on display right now, and probably won’t have any on display until next fall. If you’re wondering what Ami is doing, it was actually just a big yawn I caught at just the right moment.


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Emma of a Victorian Romance…Pierced?!

April 20, 2009


So remember my grail list I posted ages ago? I said Revy (Alter) is the last older figure I wanted. I lied…there was another older figure I forgot to mention (yes besides Clayz Saber) and that figure is the Max Factory Emma. I saw her on eBay and I went for it, did I pay more then retail price for her? Sure did lol…how much more? I’m not telling! But I justified the price by telling myself that almost all decent figures these days seem to cost that much and I’d rather have this darling and classy Emma over a lot of the newer figures. Especially since it seems unlikely I’ll ever see another Emma figure released again.

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Getting Older and Video Games

April 13, 2009


I remember when I first started playing video games in junior high (I was a late video game bloomer) I would beat a game, and then beat it again…and sometimes even beat it again! A lot of these games were 40+ hour RPGs too, and I would try my hardest to do EVERYTHING in the game. I had a lot of time to burn and a lust to play video games. But alas I could only get 1-2 video games twice a year (Christmas and my Birthday). I dreamed of the day when I would have enough money to buy a whole haul of games and play new games all the time! Well that time has come…but not how my junior high self hoped it would.

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Basara Manga Collection Complete

April 8, 2009


Although my blog seems to be all about figures, I’m first and foremost an avid manga fan. I currently own over 1100 volumes of manga that I’ve collected over the past 10 years. The hunt for the last two volumes I was missing from Basara has been consuming me for an entire year. And thanks to the good customer service at Otakufuel my soul can rest easy now that I’ve completed my collection. My biggest pet peeve when looking at the manga collections of others is seeing that they have random non-sequential volumes from a series (for example they have volumes 5, 9, and 11 of Bleach). I’d rather not own a series at all then just own bits and pieces from the middle. I’d rather be missing a figure from a set, or a video game from a series then missing a volume in the middle of a manga series.

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Alice (POP Wonderland) Alter

April 6, 2009



This is Alice by Alter and she is from POP Wonderland. From what I understand POP Wonderland is a manga for children that re-tells a lot of classic European fairytails and other stories (ex: Thumbelina, Little Red Riding Hood). It’s been soooooo long since I’ve done a review! I actually took these pictures many months ago but didn’t have a chance to pick out the better ones and post the review!

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