Bootlegs – How Many Times Have You been Tricked?

March 30, 2009


Yes, yes, I’ve fallen for many a bootleg figure in my older green days in the figure world. I was even conscious of the fact that my figures might be bootlegs too, but I was more concerned with getting the best price (broke college student). I didn’t think a little extra quality was worth all the stress and pain of hunting the figure down just to pay more.  I also thought that eBay was my only source of anime figures back then too. Ebay almost always sucks for buying figures, but I must admit it’s an amazing way to sell figures. Well as you can imagine I’ve wisened up since then and avoid bootlegs like the plague. After all when I buy a figure I’m DIRECTLY supporting the anime industry in Japan. Anime over there functions almost purely as a commercial to sell products directly related to the series, shows have to PAY to be aired on stations at certain times (unlike in the US where stations buy the rights to shows).  So when you buy the products associated from the show from Japan, you’re supporting what you love at the source.

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