How do you choose an anime?


I’m in my new home! I moved in last weekend but as a result my posts will be lacking until my computer at home is setup! It’ll probably be setup tonight and then I can post my POP Wonderland figure reviews! In the meantime I think I’ll ask a few questions I’ve been curious about! Starting with “How do you choose an anime series?” Is it because of great reviews? Do you see the preview and just know it’s going to be great? Do you select series based on authors and anime studios you’re familar with?


OR are you often drawn into a series because a certain character design intrigued and interested you? This seems to be how I select almost all my series these days. So pretty much figure releases really help determine which series I choose to pursue. This method has only failed me a few times where the character designs looked awesome but the anime content was so-so.

Seems like I do that all the time when I choose series to watch, some examples of times I selected a series based on wanting to know more about 1 character.
(WIN) – Series was great
(LOSE) – I disliked the series

Black Cat – Saya (WIN)
Black Lagoon – Revy (WIN)
Claymore – Clare (WIN)
Code Geass – Kallen (WIN)
Genshiken – Saki (WIN)
Hell Girl – Enma Ai (WIN)
Magic Knight Rayearth – Umi (WIN)
Revolutionary Girl Utena – Utena (LOSE, manga was good though)
Sakura Wars – Sakura (LOSE)
Scrapped Princess – Shannon (WIN)
Sayonara Zetsobou Sensei – Itoshiki (WIN)
School Rumble – Harima (WIN)
Toradora – Taiga (not sure yet, I think WIN)
Tsukihime Lunar Legend – Arcueid (WIN)
Vampire Knight – Zero (WIN)
Vampire Princess Miyu – Miyu (so-so, art still rocks though)
Wolf’s Rain – Kiba (LOSE)
Yu Yu Hakusho – Hiei (WIN)

11 Responses to How do you choose an anime?

  1. Blowfish says:

    Im the same as you and judge the Anime from its character designs most of the time.The Genre of the Anime plays an important role for me aswell since i cant stand certain genres like lets say Mecha.
    There are times when ill check out an Anime due to good ratings / promising story aswell but most of the time i just judge by design.

    Cant wait for the Queens Blade Anime for example.Its gonna be a baaaaad Anime but the good kind of bad Anime 😀

  2. Persocom says:

    Nowadays I base watching an anime on character design, figures that catch my attention, or preview videos. Rarely someone’s review will get me to watch because many people post spoilers, which I avoid at all costs.

  3. Ayu says:

    I do it based on art and animation studio. For me, I can’t watch the world’s greatest anime if the quality is inconsistent or bad. I like shows that don’t drag too long since I have a short interest-span, and I like comedy and romance a lot, but nothing too heavy. I really try to stay away from fanservice shows, like Ikki Tousen. Also, the main characters must contain a loveable tsundere loli ^^

  4. Otaku Dan says:

    I go in blindly when picking anime to watch because that is how I roll, just kidding but in reality, I do it because I like to be exposed to everything

  5. Panther says:

    Animation studio is usually secondary to the plot sypnosis, for newer anime. For older ones I used to read reviews or posts/thoughts on an anime forum that I now no longer go to. I really stopped choosing anime from the past and am just looking to start new anime series each season.

    For new ones, if I can withstand 3 episodes of it, I usually can go on for the entire series. A 3-episode test is always necessary. Then again I no longer follow as many shows per season.

  6. gordanham says:

    Ussualy I wil watch a series based on reputation and reviews, but first and foremost I know if I amgoing to watch a series based on it’s plot and company. I’m not a huge fan of light hearted anime cliches but I do like them. I definitely enjoy the thought provoking ones the most.

  7. OpenHappy says:

    Gundam. Anything gundam. In fact, I watched them all. After that, something with a good plot. I love anything from Please Teacher/Twins to Ikki Tousen. Also love classic, just finished ideon and looking for votoms now … of course, doing bleach and code geass like most people in the US …

  8. phossil says:

    I pick up anime shows based on design characters and story line. When there is a good couple or moe girls I think thats my selection.

  9. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: How? Basically, three ways.

    (1) For older series unavailable via download (torrent), I use Netflix. Thus, I typically choose titles via the preview clips at the start or end of the DVD. (2) For newer downloadable series, here’s a unique method. I typically choose via subber groups! For example, the Shinsen Subs or Eclipse group who subbed the “Zero no Tsukaima – S3” and “Clannad” series! Definitely my fave subbers, hehehe. (3) Lastly, by word of mouth via fellow bloggers! Like “Nodame Cantabile” (on download) or “Tsubasa Chronicles” (on Netflix) both recommended by Kris-chan on her blog, lol. Or even older titles like “Devil Hunter Yohko” and “Martian Successor Nadesico” both suggested by Lene-chan on her blog, hehe… So yeah, those are my three main methods. Which sometimes do overlap. Or sometimes involve random luck across the internets and bookstores, hehe. Cool, eh?

    P.S. Oh yeah! You’re right! The one time I wanted to know more about one single anime character was due to my *first* figure order *ever* more than two years ago! Saber in Gothic-Lolita Black! Thus, “Fate Stay Night”! Which helplessly began both my downward-spiral into figure collecting and my upward helix into anime downloads, hahaha.

  10. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Blowfish – Queen’s Blade is definitely not going to be my cup of tea. But I don’t think I’m the target market they’re going for with that show anyway.

    @ Persocom – I avoid spoilers like nuts too. I’ll only read a review if it says it’s spoiler free. Even though I’m always on the lookout the occasional spoiler leaps in front of my eyes….blogs are a dangerous thing

    @ Ayu – Animation quality doesn’t bug me too much. My sister and friend will watch anime with me unless it’s old. They won’t watch any of the old cell drawn stuff cause of quality.

    @ dan – That’s my favorite method because sometimes you come across something great that you wouldn’t have otherwise touched. That used to be my method…but now that I’m busier when I watch a show I expect great things from it since I can’t watch as much as I used to.

    @ panther – What happens if you read that a series gets real good 5 episodes in? Do you push yourself past the first 3?

    @ gordan – I like lighthearted stuff if it’s stuff like Yotsuba (I know it’s not an anime…yet), Lucky Star, or Haruhi

    @ Open – I’ve never watched anything Gundam yet, but I can pick out a few of the characters from looking at figures.

    @ Phossil – I like certain types of moe girls, I’m not sure how I describe it…I like the ones that feel “authentic” to me. Some characters when they bounce around doing their thing it feels like they’re doing it entirely for the viewer.

    @ Jay – Still no computer at home. I tried to read your newest post but partway through internet explorer decided you were no good and didn’t show anything. I used to get my anime via Netflix but I got real frustrated when they were missing 1 or 2 discs from a series.

  11. DeMasque says:

    I would have marked Code Geass with an EPIC WIN, though. 😀

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