Sakura and Final Fantasy Mini Figures



This is Sakura of Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) by Max Factory and she is an itty bitty 1/10 scale figure. I watched Sakura Wars in my first couple years of watching anime and didn’t really like it, I pretty much picked out this series because I thought the character design of Sakura was absolutely beautiful and I wanted to know more about her. I was let down by the anime but I still admire her character design quite a bit. I wonder if I played the video game if I’d like everything a bit more?


I’ve been waiting to get this figure for a long time (for the price I wanted) and I finally got to pounce on her. She isn’t entirely perfect, there are a few a few ugly mold lines, but they don’t really hurt the overall beauty of Sakura too much. I absolutely lover her pose and the way her hair and outfit flares out. The beautiful long ponytail with the nice girlie bow…sigh…I’m thinking more and more every day that I have a ponytail fetish.



I’ve been collecting the Final Fantasy Mini Trading Figures since they were first announced, we’re on volume 3 and the above was what I pre-ordered (the two thumbnails below are volumes 1 and 2). I have to admit that I’m unhappy that all these sets are emphasizing FF 12 over all the other games, but there is no denying that Balthier and Fran look darn cute. Plus they’re now officially out of FF12 party characters so I’m wondering what they’ll do next. Will they stop releasing these, or shift their focus of the sets to characters from another game? I’m determined to collect them all, these are the only trading figures I actively collect. The fact that they’re so detailed and so small makes them completely awesome in my eyes. Honestly if they were bigger I probably wouldn’t like them as much. I guess the theme for this haul could be that “bigger isn’t always better”.


So…this is what I got. Apparantly SquareEnix decided that people in the US would prefer to know exactly what figures they’re getting EVEN THOUGH the set will be incomplete. Ya screw that! The first 2 sets were all mystery boxes and they changed the 3rd set without warning! Next time I buy trading figures I’ll buy from a store in Japan to be safe. I could see how something like this is more appealing if some casual figure fan was glancing through the figures at a Newbury Comics and their eyes came across this package. But it sure doesn’t suit my needs. I bought Rikku off eBay for $13 (after shipping) which is about what the entire set cost but everywhere else was sold out.

7 Responses to Sakura and Final Fantasy Mini Figures

  1. gordanham says:

    Cool Figures. I never really got into final fantasy. Mostly because of the awful Spirits Within cg movie. But I absolutely love the original Crystal Chronicles for GameCube. It was so awesome. But I never did beat it(T.T)

  2. kazearashi says:

    Sakura Wars was also one of the anime in the early years of my anime watching, but I love it, though I don’t fully understand it, it really got me somehow, and Sakura, yes you can tell that she is one of my favourite character as well =D Anyway nice Sakura figure there ^^

  3. I’ve seen what were originally blind box figures get repackaged so people know exactly what they’re getting, but this is the first time I’ve heard of them combining all the figures into one and leaving the collection incomplete. Why couldn’t they make room for one more? :/

  4. Snark says:

    Holy crap! Do they still make Sakura Wars figures!? I remember watching the anime back when I first got into anime too! It still remains one of my favorite shows!

  5. Persocom says:

    that kinda sucks what they did with the FF trading figures, they do look pretty cool though. I wouldn’t mind some of those but I never got into the characters in FF12 as much as the rest, though Fran was pretty cool. Never seen Sakura Wars, but she looks good for a 1/10th figure

  6. lovelyduckie says:

    @ gordan – I never watched the movie, I was all excited when it was announced and when I saw a preview I knew I didn’t want to watch it.

    @ Kaze – Thanks 🙂 best PVC figure of Sakura out there! (in my opinion)

    @ Coco – The Japanese customers would feel it’s unfair thath we get the whole set automatically and they have blind boxes. It’s what I read in some blog. But I can see how it would be unfair, but I want to be treated the same as the Japanese customers then!

    @ Snark – There aren’t any coming out that I know of, I think this one came out a year and a half ago or so (a bit of a guess). But you never know when a figure company will reach into the past and announce something like a character from Sakura Wars coming out.

    @ Persocom – FF12 characters had extremely weak character development, I didn’t feel attachment to any of them. Fran’s design though was AWESOME! Ashe’s was good too.

  7. phossil says:

    I started watching Sakura Wars but some other shows that tickled my fancy appeared.. ^^

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