Now Featuring Miku and Ryuna!



Here is my Miku from Good Smile Company! I just love how she looks in front of this background! SO CUTE! I have been looking forward to this figure for a long time. It gives me the shivers that there was a mixup with my pre-order and I almost missed out on her! She is a nice unique addition to my collection, she really stands out as being different from the rest of my collection. Currently I have no plans to get any other Miku figures, I know GSC has some tempting versions of her coming down the pipeline but I almost gagged when I saw the price of Black Rock Shooter. I know BRS is technically not Miku, but she was originally a darker variant of Miku and then the creator decided to just make her an original character, but I still see her as “Dark Miku”.



I DO however plan on getting any Vocaloid figures that relate to this Miku coming out from GSC. I think they’ll all look brilliant and colorful on a little stage on my shelf! I have Rin and Len already on pre-order! I’m not collecting the Vocaloid nendoroids though, just these figures, GSC already gets far too much of my pay checks as it is. Miku was a pretty good deal, her box was ripped so I got $8 off so I paid $39.50 for her. Although I would have preferred to have paid full price for a pristine box she was the last one so I’ll deal.


This is Ryuna by Eye Scream/Beagle/President Japan? I have no idea which I’ve seen this exact figure listed as all 3 and I give up. The rest of the Shining figures from this series are released under the manufacturer title of President Japan so I’ll go with that. I got her for $30 off eBay, her retail price is ridiculously higher then that though. I’d definitely say she is worth $30…but not anything over $50 for sure. I got her to go with my Mao and Blanc. I really like Ryuna’s character design, it’s very very cute.



11 Responses to Now Featuring Miku and Ryuna!

  1. phossil says:

    Very cool pictures.
    >> Miku’s gonna rule the world… ^lol

  2. gordanham says:

    Love the miku >.<
    Do you already have her figma? I want to get her nendoroid, figma, and scale figure all at once. They cost a total of only about $100 together on otaku fuel. Great back round to lucky!!!!
    I added new posts too my blog too!!! And expect at least 3 more by the end of this weekend!!!

  3. kazearashi says:

    Miku looks lovely with that background xD Nice! ^^ So are you getting Rin & Len then? I’m going to pass on them I guess >< Unless I win a jackpot and got loads of cash suddenly… Going to scrape through my wallet just buying BRS and GSC still announced World is Mine… OMG… xD

  4. xJAYMANx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Hehe, first GSC “Saber Lili” and Alter “Bounty Hunter Yoko”, now the “Black Rock Shooter” fangasming, lol. Like I’ve said to someone else, I’m glad I “sobered up” with I did! >o<;

  5. OpenHappy says:

    I finally kind of figure out how to do the lighting such as these ( I took the other day. But then, I am really milking your nice backgrounds now …

  6. Rin says:

    Really nice!!!!!
    I do say the pictures should be a bit brighter!!!
    Either way…good shoot!!!!!!!

  7. lovelyduckie says:


  8. Q says:

    I nearly considered buying the GSC Miku for myself when I saw one in a local shop back in Xmas (was actually quoting the price for a friend who wanted one but found it too expensive). I didn’t at the end. Had no idea why I did that though…

    Btw I heard she’s actually quite small despite being a 1/8 scale. Is that true? Haven’t heard of Ryuna before, but her eyes are really bubbly and different from other figures!

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Q – I’d agree that Miku felt small, that was my first thought as I was holding her but I thought it was my greedy imagination that made me think she was small. That Ryuna is by Beagle/president Japan and they have “Eye Scream” on the label of the box. I think the eyes look like that cause they put in doll eyes? I’m just guessing though.

  10. meronpan says:

    i’m also holding off on brs for now… not sure why but i just don’t feel the fire for getting her… mebbe it’s the whole dark/scar/flaming eye motif that isn’t doing it… well we’ll see

    ryuna looks pretty good i guess… like the pose although she does seem to be lacking some… oomph? i guess that’s the trouble with figures of characters i’m unfamiliar with… they might be an awesome representation of the character but if i don’t know it, can come off as uninteresting ^^;

  11. meimi132 says:

    Ryuna’s so pretty… are those eyes like dollfie-eyes? Not painted on? they looks so pretty…

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