Two Figures I Never Thought I’d Own…


Clayz Saber (not the maid or bathing suit one) and Max Factory Shenhua. Remember how I had that grail list? Well the only reason these two figures weren’t on there were because I thought they were both beyond my reach completely (for what I was willing to pay). Shenhua often shows up on eBay paired off with the all expensive Revy, and even solo her price spikes pretty good. The Clayz Saber almost never shows up on eBay at all! There is always one listed at about $300 though. I got each one at $60 (so $120 total) WITH SHIPPING. I couldn’t have gotten better prices even if I had pre-ordered them!


How was this miracle possible? Well Kaiyouske is selling his entire collection at Tsuki-Board, he also advertised his sale once on DannyChoo. The above picture are the figures that remain in his collection for sale. I’m not a very trusting person on the internet but when I saw the positive feedback for him with a sale through him on How A Girl Figures I bought without hesitation. He is VERY honest and is asking more then reasonable prices on all the figures I inquired about. If he has a figure you desire I recommend you buy from him. Although I think I got the best two figures ๐Ÿ™‚ but that’s just me and my personal tastes.

I’ll post many pictures of my two new ladies next week!

14 Responses to Two Figures I Never Thought I’d Own…

  1. Blowfish says:

    Shenhua? NOOOOO!
    Im envious…Why must that new Roberta figure be sooo expensive aswell? I really hope therell be more BL figures in the future

  2. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Heyyyyy, congratulations! Whew, I feel safer now. Don’t need my triple-lock and triple-spell protection of my Clayz Saber anymore, lol… So are u catching up to Jem yet? ^o^

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Blowfish – I really really wanted that Roberta too…sigh. But I wasn’t willing to spend that price on her. If I owned the New Line Revy I’d have bought her though. Didn’t they announce a 3rd season a while back? If that’s true I bet (hope) there will be more.

    @ jay – Catching up to Jem?

  4. xJAYMANx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Ohh, I thought u knew OneandOnlyJem had like 300+ figures, lol. Maybe you’re following in her footsteps? ^_~

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Jay – Ya I def own a lot, but I think I only own 300+ if petit nendoroids and trading figures count ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. lovelyduckie says:

    Quick Question! I was setting up my new web site and I can’t remember what site I used to put in my universal comment avatar (the Rider figure). What was that site again? I want to make sure my blog is compatible.

  7. Blowfish says:

    Yep they anounced a third season.
    The German Manga is right now at the new Roberta arc.No idea how far the japanese Version got.

    I think you mean Gravatar huh?

  8. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: That’s still pretty mind-blowing! And *without* the petit and trading figures? Yeah, Blowfish got it:… Oh, really? Heyyy, moving to ^_^

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    Thanks! It was Gravatar. I already have to pack up my two newest beauties though. It looks like I’ll finally be moving to my own home this month. Packing all my figures is a ridiculously daunting task. 3 bins down 23 to go!

  10. phossil says:

    Saber 1/6!!! a totally must get figure!!
    Pictures, pictures please.. ^^

  11. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Hehe, no problema! Heyyy, congratulations! Reminds me when I had to pack my own 70+ figures (at the time) back in June 2008. But the real-estate downturn made it unfeasible to sell-then-buy a new home… For me, it was six 49-gallon bins, hehe. Wow, do u mean 23 bins of 18-gallons or larger? Good luck! ^_^

  12. gordanham says:

    I just got the first volume of black lagoon(manga)!!! It’s really good so far. I also got my figma Ryoko Asakura. And today when I came home guess what was on my doorstep!!!!?!!!! My three new Sabers!!!! Nendo Lion Saber, Figma Saber and…. Gift Saber!!!!

  13. gordanham says:

    Love the Clayz Saber Lucky >.<

  14. […] older figure I wanted. I lied…there was another older figure I forgot to mention (yes besides Clayz Saber) and that figure is the Max Factory Emma. I saw her on eBay and I went for it, did I pay more then […]

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