A Blowfish Request



Blowfish is trying to figure out if he wants the Good Smile Company (GSC) Sakura or the Alter Sakura, as well as if he wants either the Enterbrain Rider or the GSC Rider. Are you all thinking what I am? I agree, Blowfish has a purple hair fetish!! Well I happen to own these figures and decided that I’d love to procrastinate help out a blog buddy. I’ve given my opinion on which I think he should buy. Would the rest of you contribute which you think he should buy as well?



I said to go for the GSC Sakura, I’ve only seen the anime of Fate: Stay/Night (I WILL play the game soon!) and the way GSC captures her in the figure represents her in the anime best. A sweet smile on her face, as she is on her way to cook a dinner for Emiya. Bigger isn’t always better but…in this case I find the 12″ size pleasant (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!).



Now I don’t dislike the Alter Sakura but the only reason I got her was because she was in a cheap bargain bin ($16.99) and it captures Sakura in a different way then what I saw her as in the anime. That Sakura also comes with a more angry/attacking face that I didn’t take pictures of because the extra head is in her figure box, in one of many many boxes, in my basement. I’ll definitely say one thing about Alter Sakura, this figure is NOT the usual Alter quality. She very easily falls apart, the little strap flowing from her shirt is especially easy to knock off.  It’s the same situation with the Alter Dark Saber. You need to grab them by the base and the waist when moving them.



I think GSC wins for having undies that look less like granny panties too.



For Rider…I’m hopelessly biased in favor of Enterbrain despite fully understanding its disgusting manufacturing flaws. I’m biased because I love Rider in that pose in her battle outfit. Besides the flaw with her hair I’d say that the Enterbrain Ride is superior quality, but since the hair stupidness is there, the GSC one is better quality. The mask on the Enterbrain Rider is also a bit hard to make sit straight on her nose, takes a little time.



I do LOVE the maid Rider. I love long maid dresses like the one she wears in this figure. And I don’t display her in her underwear but I like her undies best of all my figures. Those glasses though…oh man are they a pain in the ass to put on! I suggest you use tweezers and work on a smooth clean surface that they won’t get lost in (i.e. a carpet) if you drop them. When you buy her, she comes with 2 sets of glasses in case you do lose  pair.

If anyone has any requests similar to Blowfish feel free to ask for pictures. It’s fun doing this. Although I admit my lighting sucked in these, I took them real quick.


7 Responses to A Blowfish Request

  1. louki says:

    Blowfish, you should take the GSC maid rider. Why ? Because look at those marks on the Enterbrain,

    Even with the dynamic pose, i think it’s just horrible when you look those hairs.

    Also, the best rider figure available on the market is that one:


    My 2 cents.

    Sorry for my crappy english

  2. Ayu says:

    Just wondering, what exactly is the flaw with the Enterbrain Rider’s hair?

  3. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Ahh, just tell him to get *all* of them, lol. Why choose?

    @Ayu: It’s probably the ugly way in which the long hair pieces join with the main hair on her head. Just look at it. Mismatched colors. No effort to hide the joints. Ugh, lol.

  4. meronpan says:

    first time i’ve actually seen shots of the rider hair thing, had no idea it was so bad ^^;;;

    on the other hand it’s on the back of the head right? so if you display her in a place that’s hard to get behind you won’t see it anyway 😛

    for rider i’m just so much of a fan of the dynamic hair and pose that i’d prolly take her over the maid…

  5. Blowfish says:

    Thanks alot Duckie! <3<3<3

    Purple Hair Fetish?I like girls with dark blue hair aswell XD

    I slightly favored the GSC Sakura before since I like em big ^^ and overall detail seemed slot better in the promo pics.The thing I liked about Alters Sakura was the fact that shes the less portrayed wicked heavens feel sakura.
    At first glimpse i thought that shes a Kotobukiya figures since she cant step up to Alters usual quality

    In fact both cost the same amount of cash at the moment and everythings speaking for GSCs Sakura

    I would have snatched Alters for 16,99$ aswell.

    Concerning Rider….
    I cant oversee what they did to Enterbrain Riders hair…As much as I love her dynamic Pose…I dont feel like spending 70€ on a figure with such eminent flaws…I prefer to pay 45€ for a well executed Meido Rider even if shes not really in her trademark outfit/pose.As much as i dislike figures with glasses…Rider is 10 times hotter with them ^^

    I had that crouching GSC Rider in my Radar aswell but havent found her in OnlineShops.Thats only natural,considering her release date.
    Thanks for the link but i dont buy figures on ebay.I had some unpleasant non figure related experiences there.

    Once again THANK YOU Duckie!
    You helped me out alot!

    Hope this makes halfway sense…Its late and im tired 😀

  6. Blowfish says:

    Btw WHAT? You havent played FSN yet?
    Girl go grab a copy and play it now!^^

    My favorite is Unlimited Bladeworks but Heavens Feel has more Rider and Sakura goodness ;D

  7. Rin says:

    Too bad I have none of those figures…
    I would like it but too bad I can’t get them unit I see them in my hands…maybe get them in Japan…
    Hard to tell which is better for me…

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