Is that a DOLL?!

February 21, 2009



NO! It’s a pose-able 1/4th scale figure with a wig and clothing…FINE it’s a doll I admit it! My poor boyfriend isn’t pleased with this new collectible of mine. Loads of manga? Fine! Rows of flamboyant figures? Ok! But now…dolls? Aw man… My poor boy toy has to put up with my hobbies that just seem to get weirder and weirder. He happens to think all dolls are disturbing and these dolls (Pullips) are especially creepy to him. I realize he isn’t in the minority in thinking these dolls look creepy either. But I can’t help it, to me she is soooooooo pretty! *Girlie Squeal* It could just be that I was raised surrounded by dolls that they don’t disturb me. My mom collected some porcelain dolls that she kept in my room. Although at night there was this one lady doll that I swore would turn and look at me, I had my mom put that one in her room.

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