Pot Luck February Haul

Why pot luck? This haul is a combination of very different otaku objects that are edible, readable, playable, and stareable 🙂 . I got a haul real soon after this one and in my picture taking excitment my poor Rin Figma and Danboard Revoltech accidentally got skipped. But that’s ok, as much as I love posing Figmas the poses I love are pretty boring in comparison to what other bloggers do. Plus once I get to a pose I consider a “sweet spot” I don’t want to move it until I feel I’m ready for a change. I worry I won’t get the pose EXACTLY how I want it again. It’s almost like the whole point of Figmas and Revoltechs is lost on me 😛


Oh yea, I also picked up some new backgrounds at Walmart. I raided their sale section. AR Tonelico 2…I am so DAMN excited to have this game! I can’t tell you how worried I was that it wouldn’t be brought over to the US! I really liked the first game! I loved Misha! I know that it got awful reviews, and it didn’t sell well, and not many were made, but it was a very refreshing change of pace for me at the time. After I finish Persona 3: FES I’ll probably start up this bad boy (or maybe move onto Persona 4, we’ll see at the time). Her Majesty’s Dog is a perfect shoujo for me, I love the mystery/dark aspect to it as well as the hints of romance! It’s like Pet Shop of Horrors but with a potential relationship of love. Also I LOOOOVE Hi-Chew SO MUCH! It’s my perfect candy, if you haven’t tried it and you love chewy candy like Starburst I strongly encourage you to try. Everyone I’ve given a piece has been wowed by this candy.



This was the figure I looked forward to the most last year. It’s Shiki from Garden of Sinners which is a movie series associated with Tsukihime Lunar Legend. I haven’t watched the movies yet, I’m waiting for at least the first 3 to come out. The main reason this is my most looked forward to figure for a long time id that GORGEOUS kimono! Not to mention the awesome sword and her serene face! You’ll notice my lighting is very different in a few pictures, the ones where the background looks bright blue were taken in natural light. I really need to work on my lighting technique still! Also yes I have the other Shiki figure that Good Smile Company put out. If you don’t have her I recommend her, she is only $25.99 on sale at Hobbyfan as I type this.


5 Responses to Pot Luck February Haul

  1. Panther says:

    I just got myself some new backgrounds as well, but mine are just color paper. Still, they will work well I guess.

    I have friends who have AT2 but I am not interested. Have fun with the game though.

  2. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Haha, don’t worry, I do that “sweet spot” posing myself. Funny thing, I just did it with Figma Rin in my recent mega-post. Just don’t steal it! Kidding, lol. ^_^

  3. Rin says:

    Ar Tonelico 2 takes forever to finish…
    I love the game too…and I’m still not done!!!!!
    Lovely loot too!!!!!

  4. Persocom says:

    Nice haul, and I like the Shiki pictures ^^ You probably figured this out without me saying it, but I love to change up my Figma poses often, it’s part of the fun with them for me. Then again I over half my collection is Figma, so yeah. Also, I love hi-chew too, it’s very yummy, luckily I can buy it in a couple places here.

  5. Blowfish says:

    Ahh…Shiki…Shes one of those figures id really like to get but somehow didnt order.Hope my financial situation changes for the better soon so that i can order her

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