Damaged Boxes! How much will you tolerate?


I’ve been asked many times what I do with all my figure boxes (since I save them all). Well since the basement flooded last season I store them as you see above 🙂 . Each of those bins costs me $6.50 and it really adds up when I have a lot of them but I think it’s worth it! Not only can I stack them real high to allow more storage space but they’re safe from water. I’m also moving soon and having all my figures in their boxes in these bins will give me great peace of mind, not only because I feel that they’re safer, but it’s easier to track all my figures in the move.




So I go to obviously I go to great lengths to preserve my boxes…so when I get a box with damage I’m a bit sad. There is no point to all the effort I go to in order to keep boxes safe if I start out with a damaged crappy box to begin with. Why do I keep my boxes in great condition? They retain more value that way and I like knowing that their value is still a nice amount because I have the box. You might be surprised how well a figure sells on eBay even if you admit that you’ve had it on a shelf for a few months but have the original box and will pack it up like new. The few figures I decided to weed out of my collection all sold for equal or more then what I paid under those conditions.



BUT I will say the store did offer a partial refund on both figures which I accepted (they actually contacted me about 1 minute before I was going to hit publish on this post, so it now has a more positive tone to it, not that I was neccessarily going to bash anyone before). That was enough to appease me, I don’t feel as cheated if I’ve at least paid less. Now I would prefer to get an undamaged box but since it was the last Miku figure a partial refund is acceptable. I had the option of exchanging Riannon but decided against it because the damage on her isn’t as bad and she cost $35 to begin with, so getting $8 off is a nice percentage off. But if I were the type of collector that displayed my figures in boxes I’d probably just return both of them, even if it meant not owning a Miku figure.

So are you alright with damaged boxes as long as you receive a discount?


12 Responses to Damaged Boxes! How much will you tolerate?

  1. Ayu says:

    I’ve only had that problem once, thank goodness. Like you, I keep all my figures in their boxes too, but I don’t have a basement, so I just stash them in my guest bedroom at home ^^; nice, shaded, cool room~
    Random question, do you keep all the plastic that wraps your figures? I do take my figures out once or twice for photography purposes.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Ayu – Whoops I gave you the wrong impression, I keep all my figures displayed on shelves. I just save the boxes in those big plastic boxes. I keep every piece of plastic that I don’t rip, so I usually keep everything, but what I like to call the butt plastic. Also yes I’d love to exchange links (you posted before and I forgot to respond).

  3. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Ouch, damn, those are pretty bad.

    Fortunately, I’ve been pretty lucky. Nothing so bad as that. Even with 92 figures, lol… But if it ever arrived like that? Yeah, I’d have to think about it. And consider if the hassle is worth it. It might depend on the figure too.

    P.S. Haha, I’ve got the same kind of plastic storage too. I’d have to check at home, but I have 5 of those tan-colored 40+ gallon sizes, lol.

  4. Persocom says:

    yikes, I’ve only had a couple boxes come partially damaged but not enough to where it did anything besides worry me about the figure inside. So far I do keep all the boxes to all my figures though, so I would be upset if a box was damaged badly. I like that idea of storing the boxes in tubs though, mine are all in my mom’s storage shed-like spare house thing… whatever you call it. I should get tubs for them so they don’t get damaged though.

  5. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Jay – I’m going to get you my banner soon I’m having techinal sizing difficulties. For some reason changing my banner to that size isn’t as easy as just inputting those two numbers. I actually suck at the whole creating images on the computer thing.

    @ Persocom – It’s tough to force yourself to spend the extra money on storage believe me I put it off for months, EVEN after my basement flooded! But now I couldn’t be happier, in fact this weekend I need to buy 4 more tubs.

  6. phossil says:

    I havent been in there, and I think I definitely dont want to feel the same.

  7. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Haha, no problem. In fact, I replied on my blog that I can take care of it myself, if you approve. ^_^

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Jay – YES! That’s great!

  9. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Oops, almost forgot to update u. Your banner is done and displayed on my “About” page. As well as included in my random rotation at the bottom of each post, hehe. Thanx! ^_^

  10. Blowfish says:

    My Bedroom is my figure boxes storage room ^^

    I hate getting damaged boxes.I havent had any major damages so far but it still lowers my mood when i see a damaged box.They are part of the whole set and i like to keep them in good condition.It offers a safe home to my figures when moving/hot periods aswell

  11. gordanham says:

    I never really have gotten a damaged box but i have bent that inside flap that you need to pull up on to open the box. Damn you inside flap>.<
    p.s. Where did you get the Miku from?

  12. Otaku Dan says:

    at least you boxes dont have mold

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