Fumie (Edelweiss) Orchid Seed


This is Fumie and she is from the eroge Edelweiss, the figure is by Orchid Seed. I actually didn’t realize Edelweiss was an eroge until after I bought the figure (not that knowing that would have stopped me), she just didn’t seem like an eroge character. I’m not used to eroge characters looking this badass and strong. It was a difficult to get the lighting right with that background so at the end of the review I have a few pictures of her in front of a white background. I’m pretty sure this figure was inspired by a drawing of her in this pose but I can’t find that piece of art at the moment. This review is WORK SAFE.



This is the kind of figure that just embodies having a beautiful flow to it. The wind flowing through the hair and billowing dress allow me to forgive the few imperfections this figure has here and there. Sometimes it seems like to have an outside the box artistic figure of a character (that might not otherwise have a figure made of) you need to sacrifice a bit of quality. After all Alter can’t make figures of all the gorgeous characters out there, they have to pick and choose. What imperfections do I speak of? Well there are some mold lines and some rough patches here and there that aren’t noticeable for the most part. They don’t bother me at all, but they might bother someone who values quality above all else in their figures.



Look at that beautiful back…Fumie is one of those figures that just NEEDS to be put in a glass case so you can see her from all sides. Fumie is the second figure I own that is intended to be viewed from behind, I angle mine a bit so you can see her face a bit better. I just love figures that are designed to be viewed from all sides. Also for those who don’t know Fumie is actually going commando. I didn’t bother taking pictures because there isn’t much up there, it’s just nude. I don’t know why but the fact that she is going commando in such a girlie gown just makes her 100 times more badass. I should mention her guns come with a cute case but because I like her holding her guns it’s a nice addition but really pointless for me. I could have the case empty at her feet, but I didn’t want anything to distract from the figure itself.


Here is her with a white background. I was having a hard time telling how much that red background was influencing her skin tone in the pictures so I’m putting up a few of a plain background just in case.



I don’t 100% trust Orchid Seed yet (sometimes their figure designs are too off the mark from my personal tastes). But if they do make something like this again, I won’t hesitate to buy.

11 Responses to Fumie (Edelweiss) Orchid Seed

  1. Blowfish says:

    I agree with you that she doesnt look like a eroge character (no appearabt moe features) but thats one of her good points in my opinion.I didnt expect a strong character like her to be featured in an eroge.Ah hell i bet in the game she turns to wax in the hands of random hentai hero XYZ and is totally obedient. Gah most plots suck ^^

    I like her especially in combination with the colored background

  2. xJAYMANx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Hey, did u have as much trouble removing the inner plastic cover beneath her skirt as I did? And did I send u that link to the eroge (with illustration)? I’m not sure, I might’ve sent it to Meimi132-chan, lol.

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Fish – I’m glad you like that background 🙂 I was pretty fond of that combo myself.

    @ Jay – No trouble that I can remember, removing the plastic that is. How did you send it? I haven’t gotten the link that I can find.

  4. meimi132 says:

    lol, I never realised she was meant for from-behind display, but the placement of the name on the base does suggest that lol… I have her face-facing forward, at me while on my laptop.

    Great pictures. She is stunning, and I agree with the mould lines on the dress, but I don’t care lol, she was delayed a bloody long time, I was just amazed to see her out, and available at the expo…

  5. oneandonlyjem says:

    Lol, it was in the previous post (http://www.mofmof.com/inspire/index_is01.shtml). I was sort of interested in a NSFW review of her as I am curious how “bad” her commando form is. You’ll find that there are a lot of typical eroge characters that are strong and badass (i.e. Ignis, Little Busters!, er ahem technically Saber is of a naughty origin and so forth). All the Queen’s Blade figures look like they are ready to fight someone and while they are not from an eroge (I think), they have risque artworks. Fumie is a nice char ^^

  6. OpenHappy says:

    A quick question. With PVC figure like this (hair and dress flying), is it going to bend after a long display in the summer?

  7. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Oops, my bad. Never sent it. Here’s the text and link I sent to Meimi132…

    “I guess I wasn’t really surprised with her vulnerable ‘upskirt situation’. Since ‘Edelweiss’ is an eroge, after all. In fact, wanna peek? Check out the four buttons at the bottom of the official homepage. Some revealing imagery, hehe. ^_^;”

  8. xjaymanx says:

    P.S. Haha, I just read Jem’s reply above. I guess I *did* send it! I’m so confused with everyone getting Fumie, lol. ^o^

  9. varutieru says:

    is it just me who thought there’s something wrong with her face?

    as in…
    -gap between both eyes
    -eye size and her eye brow were kinda… off (not where normal human or anime chara should be)
    -her “eyes” were kinda, falling, its not supposed to be there if its normal /well build “eyes”. not really sure about this
    -and uh… did you twist her neck to this direction or its the default design? because if i see her again… the neck were kinda… snapped/twisted

    maybe i’m just being jealous or hating people stuff…
    always can’t say nice stuff, i’m noisy and annoying^^
    just being detail b**ch :p

  10. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Meimi – I don’t think putting her back fully to the viewer does the figure enough justice, even though it also looks really cool.

    @ Jem – You’re right I forgot about Ignis, that is another eroge character I’d like to have a good figure of. Sorry I didn’t post the pictures of her bum, I only half assed took those pictures (ohohohoho BUM JOKE!) and that’s half the reason I didn’t post them.

    @ Open Happy – SO FAR the only figure with extravant hair that has showed signs of bending due to summer heat is my GSC Char. I’m just speculating but I don’t think her hair will lean, it’s not very heavy and to my knowledge Orchid Seed is usually good at making figures that do not lean. But we shall see 🙂 my summers in New England don’t typically get too hot, and by the time summer comes I’ll have her displayed in a finished basement.

    @ Jay – You sir…are getting old 🙂 senile already huh? I will take advantage of that someday just you wait…and then your Clayz Saber will be mine! I think you’re the only blogger I know older then me…sigh why is everyone so young?

    @ Varu – No I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about her face being a bit odd. I didn’t pre-order her because I was unsure about how I felt about her face, she was an impulse buy when she came into stock because I couldn’t get over that awesome dress and weaponry. I’m not that type that would care if someone said something negative about one of my figures, feel free to comment on any of them as you wish. It’s annoying when people commenting think they always have to be positive about everything to not offend the blogger.

  11. xJAYMANx says:

    @Un-Luckie-chan: Bahhh, haha, nice try, my young Padawan… But who forgot my “Fumie” link in her previous post? And who forgot to send me her banner? You didn’t forget again, did u?… And don’t u worry about my Clayz Saber. She’s under triple-lock-and-key as well as a triangle-level sorcerer spell, within the deepest corner of my Vegas-based closet! Give up now, lol. ^o^

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