First Haul of February


This entire haul is one huge impulse buy, I’m so weak when it comes to my hobby. I came into some money and well…look what I did, I raided the sale section of my favorite figure store! I definitely have a figure addiction, I admit that to myself all the time but then the thought ends there. I never really think about trying to solve my addiction. I should note I’m not including any further pictures of the Fumie by Orchid Seed (in the upper left corner) because I did a whole photo shoot of her and will be posting her review soon.


Notice my new red lace cloth? It was difficult to get the lighting right with that cloth. I’m still a big newb at taking nice figure pictures but I’m slowly getting better! I went with my boyfriend to Joann Fabrics and asked him to find me a “bloody/badass fabric pattern”, you know for  my dangerous ladies to look awesome in front of! But it looks like I overestimated Joann’s dark side, the most badass pattern I found were some bumblebees. So I went with this red lace stuff. Overall it was much more expensive at Joann Fabrics, so I’ll be sticking with Walmart here on out.



YAY! The Dark Knight (Christian Bale) by Kotobukiya! I had seen the pre-orders open for him and scoffed at the price tag (about $100). What made me change my mind? HE IS HUUUUUGE! I saw a picture of this figure and noticed that a Dark Saber was next to him and he was at least twice her height. For the level of detail and size $100 just seemed like a steal, he is currently one of the few figures that is allowed to grace the living room. I really should have put him next to a figma or something in one of these pictures. I’ll do so at the review if I ever get around to it. I feel that Kotobukiya always makes sure you get more then what you pay for, they may not have the HIGHEST quality figures but I feel like they have the best quality to price ratio.



Complete impulse Sale Section purchase! I love One Piece and would love to own tons of One Piece merchandise. These cute fellows are on top of the bedroom TV right now! I just love that they’re both wearing the Captain’s Jacket and I really like that they’re on those little treasure chests. I think that would be a perfect place to hide my jewelry in case a thief ever comes in my home! Except my best jewelry is only sterling silver so it wouldn’t be worth hiding. Although…I think the thief would just look at all my figures shake their head and leave my home of their own free will….



Um duckie…didn’t you say you couldn’t buy this figure because of the camel toe? Yes…I may have said that. And I still admit I’m not a big fan of that part of her character design, but I love everything else so much. Griffon especially captured that flowing red scarf beautifully. So yes I now own Caren Ortensia and I don’t regret it! She was almost 50% off!

15 Responses to First Haul of February

  1. xJAYMANx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Nice! Yeah, my Kotobukiya “Darth Vader” is about the same scale and prize, and he’s *ginormous*, lol. But ahhh, can’t forget the enchanting “Fumie”. Even threw together a photoshoot music video in her honor… ^.^

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    LOL I was surprised to realize Fumie is going commando in this figure. I was doing the photoshoot and wondered what every figure collector wonders at some point about their figures…”I wonder what kind of panties is she wearing…?”

    Being the straight laced female I am I typically dislike any nudity in my figures, but I laughed over my surprise over this discovery. Although how straight laced could any figure collector really be? I just don’t want to feel the need to hide my figures when company comes.

  3. xJAYMANx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Heyyy, did u extend your comment? ^o^

    Nahhh, there’s no need to hide “Fumie”. I mean, she’s breath-taking as is. Whether u know she’s going “commando” or not. Though I suppose this fact adds a little spice or edge for the collector. But u may be right, a *true* collector’s gotta be a little less than straight-laced. “Supposably”, lol. Or a girl collector’s gotta think more like an unlaced guy? Same thing?

    Hehe, to be honest, I’d forgotten about her “upskirt situation”, lol. After all, that wasn’t what caught my eye in the first place. In fact, here’s what I told Meimi132 on her blog, when she got her “Fumie” a few months ago…

    “As for Fumie, I had to open up her box to remember (pun wasn’t intended, lol). But no, I guess I wasn’t really surprised with her vulnerable “upskirt situation”. Since “Edelweiss” is an eroge, after all. In fact, wanna peek? Check out the four buttons at the bottom of the official homepage. Some revealing imagery, hehe. ^_^;”

  4. lovelyduckie says:

    If you notice Fumie isn’t wearing undies it isn’t by accident because that means you were REALLY trying to see up her skirt. So if anyone ever mentioned it I’d make fun of them for trying so hard to see. Plus I have so many figures I’ve pretty much hidden a tree in a forest. Definitely no need to hide her. When I saw Fumie I looked her up (to see what she was from) since I really liked her character design. Seems like lately I’m attracted to the designs of all the eroge ladies.

    EDIT: I’m an edit whore and you caught me! I thought no one would notice.

  5. Blowfish says:

    I dont mind “ecchi” stuff like camel toes etc. as long as they arent THAT visible.I dont wanna hide any figures that makes me look like an even bigger pervert than what people alredy think ^^
    If its well and good done I wont mind.There are other reasons why i buy figures though

  6. xjaymanx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Haha, definitely deliberate, I totally agree with u there! Then again, seems like half of the anime titles out there are based on eroge anyway. Especially the innocent-looking ones, lol.

    P.P.S. LOL, “edit whore”? Then what does that make me? The “edit police” or “edit Nazi”? Nahhh, just a software technical writer-editor with a background in civil engineering, lol. >_<

  7. OpenHappy says:

    Boy, how many figures do you usually buy in a year? Will you run into real estate (space) problem? Also, do you usually keep the box?

  8. Persocom says:

    Mind if I borrow your idea of hitting up WalMart for backdrops? I’ve really started to run out of ideas. I’ve been trying to do a different backdrop for EACH figure shoot I do and I think I’ve just about used up my resources. Anyways another nice looking buy, Fumie and Caren would be the two I’d be interested in probably. I do agree about the camel toe, it’s probably the only thing that puts me off about her character.

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Blowfish – I don’t consider any of my figures perverted but strangers do. My FREEing bunnies raise a few eyebrows but boy do they look gorgeous!

    @ Jay – LOL yes! From this day you will be the “Edit Nazi”!

    @ OpenHappy – I haven’t counted, lets just say a lot 🙂 . My real estate isn’t looking bad, I still have a few empty shelves and I don’t have a single figure hidden or put away. I can’t continue forever at this rate though without either storing or selling a few. I fully intend on selling a few when I hit “max capacity”. Why sell? Because I think it’s sad to store them away never to see the light, they’d be better off in another collector’s hands that will give them lots of love like I did! I do in fact keep the boxes! One of my upcoming posts will be of all my stored boxes.

    @ persocom – Aboslutely! After all I actually got the idea from someone else on my forums. 🙂

  10. xJAYMANx says:

    @Luckie-chan: Hahaha, I don’t know if I should jump for joy or cringe in dismay! Is it too late to consider “Edit Pimp”? To go with “Edit Whore”, lol. And less political too. >o<;

  11. oneandonlyjem says:

    I am curious if your Fumie review will be NSFW. I didn’t know she was commando, either and thought about buying this figure during Hobby Search’s sale. I don’t mind the commando, but would have preferred panties.

    I wonder how detailed or lack thereof this figure is in that area because it would be fairly funny.

    HAHAHA, I don’t know how easy it is to convey “dangerous” with fabric, but the lacy fabric can give off a sexy atmosphere which isn’t all that bad, either.

  12. phossil says:

    One piece fan, huh??
    I think your haul for february its very cool!!

  13. Rin says:

    Now that is one nice one!!!!!!
    Very cool Feb loot!!!!!!

  14. meimi132 says:

    FUMIE FUMIE FUMIE FUMIE! Great choice. She is freakin’ awesome. Where’d you get her from?

  15. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Phossil – I adore One Piece, I often find myself having One Piece dreams 🙂

    @ Rin – I’m a Batman fan 🙂 although I’ll say that I’m a casual one since I don’t read the comics. I also happened to be a Christian Bale fan prior to the Batman series (Equilibrium) and I was ridiculously excited when he was announced as Batman. I’ve never gotten so excited about an upcoming movie.

    @ meimi – I got her at Toyslogic, they still had her in stock. A lot of other places were sold out. I plan on putting up her review today maybe tomorrow at the latest.

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