8 Down 1 To Go (Duckie’s Grails)

February 3, 2009


Since the very first day I officially dove into the figure world this has been my grail list. Typically I like to focus on the future and not harp on figures from the past that I’ve missed, but the figures on this list were ones I simply could not forget. My grail list is probably not all that grand because all of the above items can be found on eBay at any point in time…the only issue is the price they go for. If I find Revy and finish off this list it’s unlikely I’ll develop another “Grail List”. I mean sure if I get filthy rich there are some figures from the past I’ll actively go after. For example I might go after (Max Factory) Shenhua, (New Line) Revy, (Megahouse) Sailor Venus and Jupiter.

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