Two Figures I Never Thought I’d Own…

February 25, 2009


Clayz Saber (not the maid or bathing suit one) and Max Factory Shenhua. Remember how I had that grail list? Well the only reason these two figures weren’t on there were because I thought they were both beyond my reach completely (for what I was willing to pay). Shenhua often shows up on eBay paired off with the all expensive Revy, and even solo her price spikes pretty good. The Clayz Saber almost never shows up on eBay at all! There is always one listed at about $300 though. I got each one at $60 (so $120 total) WITH SHIPPING. I couldn’t have gotten better prices even if I had pre-ordered them!


How was this miracle possible? Well Kaiyouske is selling his entire collection at Tsuki-Board, he also advertised his sale once on DannyChoo. The above picture are the figures that remain in his collection for sale. I’m not a very trusting person on the internet but when I saw the positive feedback for him with a sale through him on How A Girl Figures I bought without hesitation. He is VERY honest and is asking more then reasonable prices on all the figures I inquired about. If he has a figure you desire I recommend you buy from him. Although I think I got the best two figures šŸ™‚ but that’s just me and my personal tastes.

I’ll post many pictures of my two new ladies next week!

A Blowfish Request

February 24, 2009



Blowfish is trying to figure out if he wants the Good Smile Company (GSC)Ā Sakura or the Alter Sakura, as well as if he wants either the Enterbrain Rider or the GSC Rider. Are you all thinking what I am? I agree, Blowfish has a purple hair fetish!! Well I happen to own these figures and decided that I’d love to procrastinate help out a blog buddy. I’ve given my opinion on which I think he should buy. Would the rest of you contribute which you think he should buy as well?

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Is that a DOLL?!

February 21, 2009



NO! It’s a pose-able 1/4th scale figure with a wig and clothing…FINE it’s a doll I admit it! My poor boyfriend isn’t pleased with this new collectible of mine. Loads of manga? Fine! Rows of flamboyant figures? Ok! But now…dolls? Aw man… My poor boy toy has to put up with my hobbies that just seem to get weirder and weirder. He happens to think all dolls are disturbing and these dolls (Pullips) are especially creepy to him. I realize he isn’t in the minority in thinking these dolls look creepy either. But I can’t help it, to me she is soooooooo pretty! *Girlie Squeal* It could just be that I was raised surrounded by dolls that they don’t disturb me. My mom collected some porcelain dolls that she kept in my room. Although at night there was this one lady doll that I swore would turn and look at me, I had my mom put that one in her room.

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Pot Luck February Haul

February 18, 2009

Why pot luck?Ā This haul isĀ a combination of very different otaku objects that are edible, readable, playable, and stareable šŸ™‚ . I got a haul real soon after this one and in my picture taking excitment my poor Rin Figma and Danboard Revoltech accidentally got skipped. But that’s ok, as much as I love posing Figmas the poses I love are pretty boring in comparison to what other bloggers do. Plus once I get to a pose I consider a “sweet spot” I don’t want to move it until I feel I’m ready for a change. I worry I won’t get the pose EXACTLY how I want it again. It’s almost like the whole point of Figmas and Revoltechs is lost on me šŸ˜›

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Damaged Boxes! How much will you tolerate?

February 13, 2009


I’ve been asked many times what I do with all my figure boxes (since I save them all). Well since the basement flooded last season I store them as you see above šŸ™‚ . Each of those bins costs me $6.50 and it really adds up when I have a lot of them but I think it’s worth it! Not only can I stack them real high to allow more storage space but they’re safe from water. I’m also moving soon and having all my figures in their boxes in these bins will give me great peace of mind, not only because I feel that they’re safer, but it’s easier to track all my figures in the move.

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Color Variants: Pleasing or Teasing?

February 10, 2009


Color variantĀ options forĀ figures…do you find having another option pleasing or teasing?

For the most part I find them teasing. Seems more often then not there are traits of both color variants that I find appealing and run in circles trying to figure out which I ultimately prefer. Usually in such a situation I’ll go for whatever color scheme the original illustration is based off of…but I’ll still feel a twinge of sadness over the existence of the other version. I rarely will buy both color variants but choosing one forces me to think quite hard and over analyze the prototype pictures.Ā Kind of likeĀ “perhaps if I stare at the two of them long enough side by side the answer will present itself!” When it came to the Crimson orĀ Noir versions of the Gothic Lolita Rei/Asuka sets the answer was quite obvious for me and required no thought. The Noir versions for me.

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Fumie (Edelweiss) Orchid Seed

February 9, 2009


This is Fumie and she is from the eroge Edelweiss, the figure is by Orchid Seed. I actually didn’t realize Edelweiss was an eroge until after I bought the figure (not that knowing that would have stopped me), she just didn’t seem like an eroge character. I’m not used to eroge characters looking this badass and strong. It was a difficult to get the lighting right with that background so at the end of the review I have a few pictures of her in front of a white background. I’m pretty sure this figure was inspired by a drawing of her in this pose but I can’t find that piece of art at the moment.Ā This review is WORK SAFE.

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