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I just bought a domain! As great as WordPress is/was I’ll be moving over to that domain eventually. I love how I must spend $300 on figures a month, yet I refuse to pay a small fee to WordPress to allow myself access to more features that I want. I’m surprisingly stingy on spending money on anything outside my hobby. I figure if I need to pay any fees I may as well own my own domain which I can have complete control over. Any guesses on what domain I bought? That’s right! Hurray for it not being taken! It costs $7/month to host the site and $10/year to own the domain.

I’m thinking of staying with Yotsuba as my featured character and having a nice green colored theme! Any other suggestions?

PS – Don’t bother going to my new domain it’s not set up at all.


30 Responses to Duckie’s Domain

  1. Hooray! 😀
    I love Yotsuba, and I love green, so I wouldn’t mind a theme like that at all. 😛

  2. Panther says:

    Congrats on getting your own domain and host! Time for you to play around with the freedom the WordPress complete blogging platform has to offer.

  3. gordanham says:

    You site should so be green theaed>.<
    Green is my favorite color and I would make myblog like all green if I knew how. I know a lot of people aren’t the fondest of frauleins but do you have or want to get the Yostuba one? I just got a con haul last weekend and I’m hoping to post it soon on my blog. Also my P.O.P. Brook just shipped today from CA. So I’m expecting my P.O.P Brooke, Figma Tsuruya, and Figma Ryoko next week!

  4. gordanham says:

    In the first sentence I meant “Your” and “themed”
    sorry for being so sloppy(^.^;)

  5. Jo says:

    Hello Lovelyduckie, Congrats to your new domain and I do have a suggestion on your title header or banner would look like, I was just picturing an image of Yotsuba, with over head perspective looking above with a little rubber ducky on it’s hand just like the other one with the four leaf clover. But instead you could see the whole body more angled standing on the left with a talk bubble on the right the letters would be more like Japanese characters but you could still read them in plain English saying “Hello welcome to Lovelyduckie’s Blog.” (The LOVELYDUCKIE”S BLOG part would be more bold and more stylised.) I just wish you could picture it. By the way I’m an Illustrator. The background color of the page maybe should be green and pink red just like Yotsuba kinda smooth transition between the colors.

  6. Rin says:

    Congrates on the new domain!!!!!
    I say it’s useful to have your own but it does sometimes have problems…
    If you know your coding and html, you’ll be fine.
    Be waiting on your new domain soon!!!!!!

  7. kazearashi says:

    Congrats on the new domain and host!! ^^ I agree with Yotsuba + green theme xD I have been reading her manga recently. She’s really funny! xD

  8. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Coco – Green isn’t my absolute favorite color but I really don’t want a pink blog.

    @ Panther – Yup! I’ll no longer be shackled by constraints! I can’t wait!

    @ Gordan – I have Revoltech exceptions, Yotsuba Revoltechs are one of them 🙂 and Pocco is the other exception. As of last night I own all 3 Yotsuba Revoltechs (Yotsuba Original, Yotsuba Summer, and Danboard). There are a few limited releases but I’m fine with the normal releases. My Brook just shipped too! he is going to be the BEST One Piece figure! I just know it! I ended up cancelling Tsuruya and Ryoko Figmas to save a bit of money. But I’m really tempted to buy them still, I keep arguing with myself.

    @ Jo – Believe me any aesthetic suggestions you have are more then welcome, the header I have now is something I whipped up with the help of someone on my forums. I’ve been worrying about how I’m going to make a header worthy of my new site…because what you see up there now is probably the best I can do. I need to learn how to use GIMP better.

    @ Rin – I’ve gotten much better at HTML and I also live with a programming expert that I can mooch off for help.

    @ Kazearashi – She is probably one of my favorite characters and I like that she isn’t genre specific (shonen, shoujo, etc…)Plus I think it’s brilliant that it can cause me to laugh so hard over such innocent and playful antics.

  9. Persocom says:

    awesome! I need to do something like this soon, since tax returns will be coming, but I really don’t know what I’m doing at all. I like Yotsuba on your page and green sounds good! Looking forward to the new fancy site ^^

  10. Otaku Dan says:

    congrats, now you can play the with the big kids ^^

  11. gordanham says:

    @ Duckie: You have to at least get the Ryoko figma. Ryoko is just so awesome I have obligated myself to by every figure of her! So far I only have her Bunny and Sega Prize School Set, but I ordered the Figma and I’m going to order the nendoroid tomorrow! All that’s left after that Is the petite Nendoroid, the swimsuit petit nenoroid, the 1/8 Max factory one,Which I did order but appearently was a mistake and they didn’t really have it!,, the deform p.e. uniform one, and the newly announced WAVE p.e. uniform one!

  12. gordanham says:

    P.S. My new posts should be up on my blog tomorrow I took a bunch a pictures today. Also, Brook’s head can open right? Because ever since the picure was released he’s had a crack in his head and afro where it opened in the manga, but I never saw a picture of it actually open. Also who is Pocco?(^.^;)

  13. lovelyduckie says:

    @ gordan – You sir are a man after my own heart. Ryoko is my favorite character from Haruhi as well. Currently I only own the FREEing bunny and the Max Factory figure of her though. One of the reasons I held off on the figma because I knew having those extra heads would bother the hell out of me, but…perhaps I can resist being annoyed by them. I really like the look of the Tsuruya figma too.

    Also on Brook I also spied that odd little crack at pre-order time and it wasn’t until recently that I realized it must be so his head can open (there was a One Piece episode where he opened his head). Since I don’t have mine and I haven’t seen any reviews I can’t confirm it for sure yet.

    Pocco is a Fraulein Revoltech of a character drawn by Shunya Yamashita. I think Revoltech did an absolutely amazing job on her.

  14. gordanham says:

    OOHHH! Is Pocco the one with the really cool Mecha-esque wings?! Thats ones cool. I saw that one and the Yostuba Revoltech at the con and I didn’t buy either(T.T)

  15. lovelyduckie says:

    Yup! I love her mechanical wings! She is the cover illustration for Shunya Yamashita’s Sweet Dreams art book! I don’t like all of his art but a lot of it is really shows outstanding character creation!

  16. gordanham says:

    They had a whole bunch of his art busts at the con I went too. They were selling all their frauliens for 22 dollors too. I wish I had bought her now. Have you seen those revoltech animal things? Those seem like those simple pleasures, a figure that looks stupid or unnecessary but hen becomes your favorite and you play with it all the time. Know I regret not getting that one too(T.T) It was a revoltech bunny!

  17. Blowfish says:

    A wise decision for a duck!
    Have fun with all the possibilities! ^^

  18. Fariz Asuka says:

    Congrats on your new domain.. Will wait for the upcoming changes.. ^^

  19. gordanham says:

    I just added five new posts to my blog! One is my ChopperMan collection witch includes the P.O.P. ChopperMan! I can’t wait for my brook to arrive>.<

  20. phossil says:

    Congratz getting a domain!!

    Feeling like using drupal? I went go the URL (I know, you mentioned, but..)

  21. 7 says:

    Oh my….another one hits the self-host WP! Jeezuz…must be the latest trend of the year. I myself just recently moved as well..

    Congratulations on your new domain! And have a lot of fun messing around with plugins!

    Drupal on the site?

  22. lovelyduckie says:

    @ gordan – I’ll definitely be checking that out. I appreciate everything that shows love for One Piece 🙂

    @ phossil and 7 – Yup I’m playing around with Drupal for now (at the suggestion of a friend). I’m not sure if I’m going to use it yet. Do you guys have any personal experience with Drupal? If so what do you think?

  23. 7 says:

    Unfortunately, I do not have an experience with Drupal. However,I’ve had

  24. 7 says:

    Damn…my comment got cut off….

    anyhow, I have experience with a similar application called Joomla. What makes these two similar is the fact that they’re both CMS. From what I’ve read, the learning curve with Joomla is better than Drupal…but I had a horrible time with Joomla…so I really don’t know what to say.

    On my mother site, I use an experimental CMS called Concrete5. It’s much more simplistic than the two mentioned above…but it’s not made for blogging. I use wordpress on a subdomain instead, along with my other hostees.

    Hope this helps ^_^

  25. gordanham says:

    OMg OMG OMG!!!!! My Brook just arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s so awesome!!!!! The only downside is that I won’t be able to make a post of it probably till the weekend (TT.TT)….
    Also the head is openable!!! The thing is that his skull isn’t hollowed out, but his afro is. Still, it provides alot more room. I can fit his tone dial, and his tea cup in there!And still have room left over! Duckie, are you going to get the Karoo P.O.P. too?

  26. gordanham says:

    Also, do you read the one piece manga or watch the anime? I watched the anime but now I just read the new chapters that are released in Japan’s weekly jump. I quit reading it for 4 months so I could collect 20 chapters and read them all at once. I just started reading them yesterday! Luffy is stuck on an island full of amazons!!!

  27. gordanham says:

    I managed to get a few preview pics of Brook up at my blog.

  28. lovelyduckie says:

    @ 7 – I’m going to look into Joomla then.

    @ gordan – I’m actually not getting Karoo, because if I got him I’d go and buy Vivi too. As of right now I’m only collecting permanent crew members. I watch the anime, I’m just starting the Mermaid Island episodes (the arc after Thriller Barc). I read the manga but I read the official Shonen Jump stuff so I’m far behind the scans.

  29. gordanham says:

    I read the japanese shonen jump manga and the american ones that come out. But you should really read the japanese ones if you are on the most current episode. You get addicted. As for the P.O.P.’s I have the same goal. I want to get all of the crew, but my exceptions are Bellimere, Vivi, and Smoker. I still am wavering on if I want the Tashigi one. To bad most of them are almost not sold anywhere other then auctions.(T.T)

  30. meronpan says:

    grats! looking forward to your new home ^^

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