Last Haul of January


Usually my first picture is of all the figures in their boxes but I thought doing it this way looked much nicer. The picture of the pile of boxes is a bit further down the post. As you can see I’ve made use of that cloth I bought from Walmart, I actually used all 4 pieces as backgrounds in this haul. I’m really fond of polka dot patterns, I’m unsure if I like the cloth wrinkled (to add texture) or ironed flat. Next time I get fabric I think I’m in need of a blood red background for the dangerous ladies! Also you might have noticed I’ve tried to put in more effort in my lighting. It’s not perfect yet but I think I made a big step in the right direction. I used all the advice everyone gave me and used white poster to reflect light, all spectrum bulbs, and tracing paper to disperse the light better.


Besides Rider I’d say this was my best “bang for your buck” haul. The Code Geass set was $20, school Rei/Asuka were $18, Miyuki was $23, and witch Rei/Asuka were $32. That’s a lot of shelf space I got to fill with items I like at a reasonable price! Seems like SEGA seem to treat their Rei/Asuka figure sets with great care and detail for a prize figure. I actually ordered the two Rei/Asuka Prize Figures because they were on sale and I was clebrating how well I was managing my money (ironic I know).



These are the Witch Rei/Asuka Prize Figures from SEGA. The top picture I took of Rei without her stand under her broom but this is a figure I’d highly recommend you use the stand on. But I have no complaints about the stand, it’s a nice crystal clear color and it’s easily hidden. I put her on my shelves and a petit nendoroid perfectly hides the little support stand. I originally had no intention of getting these figures because the sketches SEGA released at pre-order time looked like it could be a big hit or miss. But I happened to be flipping through a recent Anime Insider magazine and saw this witch Rei featured in the figure section. I could tell from this picture that SEGA had made these figures into cuties! I’m VERY VERY happy with my spunky little witches.



I was completely surprised by this Code Geass Figure Set from BanPresto. I wanted to have a figure of each of the main members of the cast but figure companies just weren’t making ones I liked. So I saw this cheap looking sketch of this set for $20 and figured “why not?”. They are much bigger then I had realized they would be, I thought they would  be the size of a Petit Nendoroid but they’re quite a bit bigger. I also love the symmetry of the poses with both girls holding something and the boys flaring their cloaks. They do come with a support stand that can go around their waist but I felt it was uneccesary to use.



This is Rider from Enterbrain, I had seen this Rider as a resin kit and REALLY REALLY wanted her. I had even considered dropping big bucks for a pre-painted kit. But in the end I controlled myself and gave up on her. When Enterbrain announced they were releasing her in PVC form I (literally) shrieked with excitment. BUT prior to her coming into stock I realized that Enterbrain had overlooked an ugly discoloration where her hair strands attach to her head. Even though I acknowledged that this painful flaw existed with the figure I kept my pre-order because I was willing to work around this flaw by positioning her in a way that minimizes noticing it. Had it been any other character and pose I would have turned my back on this figure and cancelled the pre-order. I’m now hesitant of Enterbrain and am not pre-ordering anything further with them. Even though I recognize the high quality work they’re capable of, they’ve overlooked important details on the two figures I’ve collected of theirs.



Another Rei/Asuka SEGA Prize Figure Set!? They were quite cheap and I really liked their casual school setting. I recommend them at the price I purchased them at. I’m always looking for cute school girl figures of nice uniforms. Even after watching anime for over 10 years I’m still fascinated by the uniform style that Japanese schools use.



This is the Figma of Miyuki from Max Factory. She completes my main cast Lucky Star figma collection, I like her more then I expected I would but I like Miyuki the least of the characters in Lucky Star. You could say I bought her due to my inability to leave a set “1 short” of being complete. But I’m such a fan of Lucky Star if they announce other Lucky Star figmas I’ll probably get them.


I finished the first 3 volumes of Her Majesty’s Dog and I love it. The funny thing is I hated the title so I didn’t look into this series much until now. But as I’m reading the author’s notes it seems like EVERYONE in Japan really loved the title and that it was a big reason for the series success. I got another Amazon giftcard so I used it to buy volumes 4-7 too. When Persona 4 was released it seems like Atlus re-stocked Amazon with previously Out of Print games. So I figured now would be a perfect time to buy Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga since I could buy them brand new at retail price. I’ve tasted a bit of the Shin Megami series and now I’m ADDICTED! I’m a very happy gamer. Mario and Luigi Partners in Time I bought to keep my bf entertained. He seems to REALLY enjoy it so far.


9 Responses to Last Haul of January

  1. Blowfish says:

    Im glad to see that your witches turned out nice aswell.
    Seems like SEGA has had a hand for nice quality at a cheap price recently!

    Gah that Rider! Id love to get her! Shes my favorite F S/N girl but i was too afraid that she might bend.

  2. meronpan says:

    yum. sexay rider is sexay. been wanting a figure of her for a while but still haven’t gotten around to it ;_;

    nice work with all the new backgrounds! i think with the rider shots especially the lighting turned out nicely.

  3. phossil says:

    the Rei/Asuka Figure Set goes exactly with school begining classes.. hehe

  4. JB says:

    That’s a nice Rider, but I really like the Witch Rei/Asuka Prize Figures. Great Haul, congrats.

  5. Persocom says:

    I’m glad I didn’t go for that Rider now actually, I want a decent Rider figure but the only one that I’d really want so far is the other one you have, the on all fours posed one. She still looks alright but the hair.. that’s a real shame they couldn’t do more to cover that up themselves. Like the new backgrounds ^^ It’s nice to switch things up, they all worked great with the figures. Those Code Geass ones looks pretty cool too, I know I’ve eyed them up before, I need to start buying cheap sets of figures like that, I don’t have any little sets yet.

  6. gordanham says:

    Awesome haul! Where did you get the Miyuki from?

  7. OpenHappy says:

    I thought I am the only one having BTMS (Buying Too Much Syndrome). After reading your blog for a while, I am totally fine.

    Check out my web site to see if you like it 🙂

  8. Otaku Dan says:

    figma miyuki is sooooo cute!!!!!

  9. lovelyduckie says:

    @ gordan – I bought mine from Toyslogic, but you can buy her from any number of places both in the US and Japan.

    @ openhappy – I’m simply terrible, I recently paid off all my bills and I celebrated by buying a few extra figures and a Pullip. But oh man the figures I got are sooooo worth it (I’ll post them next week).

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