Last Haul of January

January 27, 2009


Usually my first picture is of all the figures in their boxes but I thought doing it this way looked much nicer. The picture of the pile of boxes is a bit further down the post. As you can see I’ve made use of that cloth I bought from Walmart, I actually used all 4 pieces as backgrounds in this haul. I’m really fond of polka dot patterns, I’m unsure if I like the cloth wrinkled (to add texture) or ironed flat. Next time I get fabric I think I’m in need of a blood red background for the dangerous ladies! Also you might have noticed I’ve tried to put in more effort in my lighting. It’s not perfect yet but I think I made a big step in the right direction. I used all the advice everyone gave me and used white poster to reflect light, all spectrum bulbs, and tracing paper to disperse the light better.

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