Rozalin (Disgaea 2) Griffon



This is Rozalin from the video game Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories on the PS2. The figure is by Griffon Enterprises. I’ve played the first Disagea game (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness) but I haven’t played the 2nd one yet. The Disgaea series are created by Nippon Ichi and are strategy RPGs. Generally the overall opinion seems to be that Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is better then  Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. But personally I’m anticipating liking Disgaea 2 more. Why? Well in general I’m not that fond of moe type females, and the two leads of the first game are just that. I prefer characters with womanly beauty and grace like this Rozalin. I loved playing Laharl as the anti-hero in Disgaea 1 but I really like the sound of the hero from the 2nd game and the situation under which he and Rozalin meet. Although these are just predictions on my part because (for me) a love of character design is important in games and anime.



When I made figure cancellations I originally cancelled Rozalin, but then I decided to sacrifice another figure in her place. I’m a sucker for wings and elegant dresses. The reason I cancelled was because I was unsure of if I liked how the dress sat on her boobs and if that bit of flare in the dress would make the figure look bad, I couldn’t decide on those 2 things. After getting the figure I approve of both, the little bit of flare in her dress makes the figure more fluid and alive, it’d be boring if she was just standing there. Plus she seems like a lively stubborn character, without that little motion there I’m not sure her personality would be portrayed quite right.



There are just so many details worth admiring on the figure, Rozalin may be my most detailed figure yet. All those crazy bows somehow work on her in that outfit. I love how nicely her fingernails are painted and the attention to detail with the ring and her hair band. I absolutely adore her hair style and the way her eyes are looking to the right. The base is a little big but it makes sense because her gown is so large and flipping out.


If I had any complaint on this figure it’d be that she is small. She is about the size of a figma (see above), but I realize now that when I pre-ordered her I didn’t know her scale. Griffon figures seem to always be on the larger side so I assumed she would be the same. Well it’s not that I dislike her small size, I just wish she cost a little less then $55 considering her size. But I said myself that she is the most detailed figure I own…maybe the size is a trade-off for that detail. Anyway I highly recommend her but be aware that she is on the small side.

7 Responses to Rozalin (Disgaea 2) Griffon

  1. Zeusie says:

    For lack of a better place to post at, Today I googled complaints for and found you at the toyslogic forums. I am a current customer there, since I also had problems with They basically stole $140 from me and have not shipped my stuff, it has been 11 months almost O_O

    I too contacted the BBB before I heard about your complaint, and it wasn’t resolved through them either. I still haven’t gotten my money back in spite of dozens of emails to animewild and parties involved. What was your issue with them, was it ever resolved, and if so how? Thanks a bunch!

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Zeusie – Luckily for me I never got to the point where I gave them money. Basically they were trying to take orders for stuff that they DID NOT HAVE and had no chance of getting again. I think I had a Max Factory Tsuruya and some Cardcaptor Sakura SEGA figures on order with them for a long time. I e-mailed them at least half a dozen e-mails asking to cancel my order once I wised up to their game. They never cancelled my orders but they never charged me either and that’s how I left things. BBB was no help whatsoever for me.

    Did you pay through Paypal? If so you can open a dispute through them and even if AnimeWild doesn’t respond they usually pull your money back for you. I believe that’s what another member of the forums did with them. If you paid with credit card maybe try calling your credit card company and explaining the situation, they might have a system set-up for such situations as well.

    Sorry I can’t provide solid help.

  3. oneandonlyjem says:

    All the Disgaea characters by NIS are fairly short in stature, so I’m guessing her scale is accurate and proportional to whatever her in-game statistics are. It definitely looks like her. For some reason, in certain angles her face looks messed up to me as if her eyes are awkward and not in accordance to the Disgaea art style. Initially, I wanted to preorder this as well, but it was those certain angles that really put me off. Comparing your pictures to the prototype and then to the character art , it’s a fairly good representation of her. I’ll go buy her when she’s cheaper as I just can’t justify her at that pricepoint.

    Thanks for the pics.

  4. Rin says:

    Nice shoot…
    I do have to say…it needs more light…
    Try aiming your light towards the background instead of the figure then use the flash on the figure…
    It helps getting a brighter background…
    Overall nice shoot…

  5. phossil says:

    @Zeusie: I had previously heard some comments about the same practices with animewild. I dont buy with them so I can really tell, but thats bad news comming form them.

  6. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Rin – I bought the all spectrum bulbs but the lamp I bought to use with them was defective. I returned it and got a new one after this shoot. But still now that I have a working lamp I’m still wrestling with using the light and eliminating shadows, that tip might help me a lot. Next time I take pictures I’m gonna try it. Maybe I just need to make one of those little boxes so many people seem to use but I’m hesitant of them cause the angles I could take pictures at would be limited.

  7. meronpan says:

    scale accuracy aside, that’s tiny! like the character design, think i’d bin her in my “i’ll prolly buy her if i ever play the game” category ^^;

    i also have yet to play disgaea 2… absolutely loved the first one (what can i say, i love leveling up ^^;) and am actually playing it again on the ds (though very disappointed about the lack of voice… i thought i read that they had preserved the voice… but evidently that was only the us release? think that makes this the 3rd time i’ve been lost out on features by getting the japanese version ;_;)… and isn’t a third game out too? ^^;

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