Recent Thoughts on Bleach

How did I spend my New Years Eve? I spent the day playing Persona 3: FES and at dinner I begrudgingly sat down to a Bleach Marathon of all the episodes my bf and I had fallen behind on. Begrudgingly? Why begrudgingly? Well when Bleach put fillers in THE MIDDLE of a story arc I snapped and couldn’t take it any more and stopped watching. This post is my thoughts on what I saw during this marathon of me catching up.

***Spoiler Warning***

This is NOT a review so I will freely discuss events that occurred in Episodes 179 -200 of Bleach.

The Bounto Arc of Bleach fillers that occurred before the start of Hueco Mundo were so incredibly boring that I just couldn’t watch them all the way through. So when I started watching these fillers on the troubles of little Lurichiyo-Sama I was already at my wits end when it came to Bleach fillers. I had thought there was nothing I hated more then the fillers in Bleach (yes even more then Naruto fillers). It didn’t help that these fillers interrupted an interesting story arc and put the Bleach character I dislike the most in the spotlight, Kira. Maybe someday I’ll like him, perhaps the author will create a story where my heart warms up to him. But for now, I hate his dumb abilities, his stupid haircut, and his wimpy personality!


I lasted until episodes 178 of this story before I said no more and focused on other more entertaining shows. But right at episode 179 this story began to warm up, so I chose the wrong time to quit. As much as I hated Lurichiyo and Kira, I loved the newly introduced captain Amagai.



Amagai fights with a short sword and is quite strong (he proves it’s not how big it is that matters, it’s how you use it 😉 har har har). He also acts modest and friendly to all those around him. What really sealed the deal on him for me was that such a strong guy was such a lightweight when it came to drinking sake. Amagai instantly hitting the ground after just one sip of sake delighted me every time. I found Amagai so endearing that I had assumed that he was direct creation of the author of the manga and a permanent captain, and not just a filler creation. My theory was that in the middle of the fillers they’d occasionally throw in episodes about the introduction of the new captain to kind of string along the fans by giving them bits of meat morsels of plot. So to find out that he was the “bad guy” of that story arc with a huge vendetta was pretty surprising.



Although I was sad to see Amagai go up in flames with the filler story arc, I felt it was a great twist having him as the head villain at the end and I really liked seeing him without his shirt off. He has quite the yummy torso for my female eyes to feed on. I don’t watch Shonen for eye candy but I can’t help but admire it when I see it, manly men like him simply don’t exist in shoujo.

Frankly the whole story arc may have been worth it just to hear the guy in the above picture speak…maybe it was the fact that I was on my 3rd glass of wine but I fell over laughing soooooooo hard at the first sound of his voice. It was a cheap way to get a laugh out of the viewers but I still liked it.


My end verdict on these fillers is that this is the best (filler) story arc I have ever seen. Now that doesn’t mean a WHOLE lot but it does mean at least a little something. It makes up for those stuffed animals that piss me off sooooo much…I couldn’t believe such annoying filler characters (from the Bounto Arc) are being carried through the whole series. ONE talking stuffed animal is enough! There is no need to add on 3 more!


Now as for the real meat…mmm I really really enjoyed the continuation of the Hueco Mundo arc. In the very beginning of the story arc I was just agitated in every episode because frankly a single episode of Bleach per week just doesn’t give you enough. Bleach is an anime best watched marathon style, unless you save up the episodes and watch them in a big group you have to watch the same fight span at least a month and it’s less thrilling/exciting that way.



When I first started Bleach I was probably about 100 episodes behind Japan, so I’d watch 5 episodes a day (basically marathon style). As soon as I caught up to Japan I started thinking Bleach stunk, but now I realize it’s not that Bleach is any worse then it was before, it’s just watching 1 episode a week puts it in a bad light for me. I was real excited to see Nel’s transformation and fight, finally another strong female in this series! When it showed the 3 mark on Nel’s back I got chills I was so excited! I already knew what Nel’s transformation would look like though since I accidentally saw it on wikipedia…and then pre-ordered the figure of her! I was pretty sad she didn’t have enough juice to finish the fight but I was ok because KENPACHI IS BACK! More Kenpachi is always a good thing.


I was expecting to see Byakuya to swoop in and save Rukia, so seeing him was pretty expected…he doesn’t really do much for me but I do like him. Now the character I was not expecting to see was Mayuri Kurotsuchi…I was expecting to see my little guy Toushiro. Kurotsuchi’s headdress is so nuts…he looks like a drag queen from ancient egypt. I also forgot how disturbing his bankai is….bbbbrrrr…big golden baby. BUT I really love this creepy character and all the comedy he provides.


SO WATCH OUT WORLD! Lovelyduckie once again loves Bleach! Although I don’t think I’ll be able to let this many episodes acumulate before I watch it again. I can’t wait to see more!


7 Responses to Recent Thoughts on Bleach

  1. Panther says:

    Kurotsuchi Mayuri. What Mayuri Byakuya?

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    @ Panther – ahahahahahaha I was copying and pasting the names into the tags and accidentally did that, gonna fix that. Putting their two names together just doesn’t feel right.

  3. 7 says:

    Reading what you’ve said about the fillers makes me want to go back and watch it.

    I had a bad experience with fillers…mainly because one put me to sleep like an old man with Nyquil.

  4. kazearashi says:

    Yeah I also put Bleach on hold because I got bored with these fillers… Don’t know when I will have the time to continue again though… Maybe I’ll just get around by reading the manga… (Which is currently on hold as well…) xD

  5. Otaku Dan says:

    I dropped bleach because of the Bounto Arc, i may pick it up again

  6. akichappy says:

    I am a super bleach fan. To me, social society arc still the best. For the fillers, the beginning is still acceptable because it’s funny, then later got draggy.

    Hueco Mundo arc is kinda boring for me, until the return of all my dear taichou. This arc is supposed to forcus on Orihime, but to my disappointment, i didn’t see much growth in her. =< Instead, Rukia’s fight with no 9 touched me. Also, Nel.

    I wonder if you catch up with the comic? I always catch the latest of the comics and is freaking nice.

  7. BangBang! says:

    The manga doesn’t have fillers >> It gets straight to the raw action that is Bleach.

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